X Factor Live Show Wk 9: Semi-Finals

It’s goodbye to boyband Union J – this year’s winner of X Factor will be a solo male voice. But just because there are only boys left in the X Factor it doesn’t make it any less emotional. From Jahmene’s touching tribute to his elder brother to James Arthur singing for his siblings – you can see that winning means so much for all the contestants. It was so sad when Union J were voted out.

This week, most of the contestants enjoyed the London party scene and some got in trouble by the shows producers for their late night womanising. Cheeky boys! Here’s some exclusive behind the scenes gossip about the final three contestants.

James Arthur

The Northern ladies man was told off by show’s producers this week for his off screen antics. James was spotted entertaining some ladies after a night of partying and tried to take a pretty brunette back to his hotel room at 3am in the morning. Bosses warned him to take the show seriously or forfeit his place. The warning worked as he sailed through to the final and there’s no doubt he’s going to spend the next few days behaving himself. He’s definitely smartened up his act since the first live show – did you see his suit at the weekend? Very posh.

In the final show, I can reveal he will duet with his mentor Nicole.

Christopher Maloney

Christopher is emerging as a favourite to win the show! On Sunday night, his name was trending on Twitter reflecting the fact that the whole nation is backing him. It could also be to do with his Grandma, who won’t tolerate any criticism of her grandson and seemed like a really cool lady on both shows at the weekend. He will duet with Gary Barlow next week and the pairs voices are perfect for each other. The bookies are reducing their odds now, there’s a serious possibility he’ll be number one.

Jahmene Douglas

Jahmene was in tears after the semi-finals – he was that excited about taking his mum to the final. However, this behaviour did worry some of the backstage staff – if he’s like that now then how will he cope with a potential win? He’s been taking the show the most seriously with no womanising, just practising his voice, resting up and rehearsing but will it all pay off next week? It’s up to us to decide!

Love Zoex

3rd December 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin