10 Steps To Perfect Your Party Make-Up

It’s LaaLaa here again,

Before I showed you how to perfect your false lash application but how about a look to go with that? I decided to show you a simple look that’s suitable for everyone from the colour shy to the bold – keeping it gold and sultry.

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Daniel Sandler Retexturizing Face Primer SPF 20 | Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Rimmel Traffic Stopping Eye Shadow – Over The Limit Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blusher – Spicey Daniel Sandler Waterbrush |Dainty Doll False Lashes | NYX The Curve EyelinerDainty Doll Eyeliner Pencil Barry M Lip Paint – Pink Suede

Step 1 : After moisturising, apply lip balm, like Vaseline onto your lips to keep them moisturised for when we need to apply our lipstick later. Taking the Daniel Sandler Rexturizing Face Primer and apply all over your face giving your face a nice smooth base for your foundation that will also give a longer duration to your foundation application. Blend your foundation evenly over your face and down onto your neck. If you have any imperfections apply your desired foundation.

Step 2 : Sweep over your foundation or concealer onto your lids as this will cancel out any discolouration and give a nice base for your eyeshadow. Using the Rimmel Traffic Stopping Eye Shadow palette, take the Gold in the centre and pat on the colour to your eyelid.

Step 3 : Taking the brown from the same palette and in your eye crease begin to define your eye and blend upwards until it fades

Step 4 :  Using the shimmery ivory shade and apply it on your brow bone as your highlighter.

Step 5 : NYX The Curve Eyeliner is amazing for beginners to pros for when it comes to getting your sultry cat eyes. Starting thin at the inner cover go straight long your lash line and following the natural curve of your lashes but don’t make it too thick on the outer corner as we need a gap for a little later.

Step 6 : Pick out those favourite false lashes of yours! I love lashes that really emphasize the outer corner of my eye, giving those bedroom eyes such as the Eylure Girls Aloud Nicola or Anniversary Celebration lashes, even if your feeling very adventurous  have a go for individual lashes.  If your unsure about applying lashes please refer to my Very Blog Tutorial.

Step 7 : Grab your eye pencil and begin to softly line your lower lash line continue until it meets the end of your false eyelashes. This now gives the illusion of a shadow, giving your eyes that more softly dragged down appearance without looking droopy.

Step 8 : In between the liquid eyeliner and pencil liner, take the colour we used above for the highlighter and using a thin tip brush, apply the colour inside the gap and blend it outwards

Step 9 : Daniel Sandler Watercolour blush & brush, perfect duo. These watercolours give a nice sheen to your cheeks that lets you build up the intensity of colour until you get your desired preference. Apply this from the cheeks upwards in the direction of the tip of your ear. You can even blend it out once applied with your fingertips.

Step 10: Your lips should be moisturised and ready to be the envy of all pouts. Barry M – Suede Pink, my new favourite lipstick is what I used to give this look a nice pop of colour. I applied it with a lip brush to give a lip line and even base which you can continue to do until your satisfied on the colour or just apply from the tube. It’s all preference.

Your finished look :

Let your eyes and lips do all the talking and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Hope to see you over at Dolce Vanity in 2013 xo

3rd January 2013
Written by Very_Lauren