Coppin’ a Feel at the NTAs

This week we were lucky enough to be invited along to the National Television Awards by our boob loving BFF’s at CoppaFeel! Swanky eh?

The lovely, hang on, caps required, LOVELY, Dermot O’Leary donated his suite at the NTA’s to Team Boobs, he’s their Patron you see and all round top bloke!

So we arrived at the do, ready for a night of glitz and glam wearing our best gear, Very Becky wore the Love Label Peplum Dress and CoppaFeel! Kris twinkled like the star she is in Teatro. The celebs were out in force wearing gorgeous gowns a plenty, the drinks were flowing and our new fave Derms did a splendid job hosting the evening, there were LOLs a plenty and of course the odd emo moment! We’re not afraid to admit that there were tears at Joanna Lumleys acceptance speech! We love our inspo women at Very! 

With the awards over, there was nothing more we wanted to do than go mingle with the celebs to chat all things boobs! We met a whole load of lovelies from TV and Radio who spoke to us about how much they wanted to help spread the message to young peeps across the UK that knowing your boobs really could save your life!  

Take a peek at some of the celeb CoppaFeel! fans that have promised to make a habit of checking their boobs and want to encourage you lovely lot to do that same!

Find out all you need to know about getting to know your boobs a bit better, with this handy boob checking guide from CoppaFeel! Go on, give it a go, it could just save your life!


We’d like to say a HUGE thanks to Kris and Maren of CoppaFeel! for inviting us and send big boobie love to the lovelies that did their bit to show us all how important it is to check those boobs! x

25th January 2013
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Sam 25 January 2013

Looks like a great night

Posted by: Sophie Farrell 25 January 2013