Illamasqua at Get Your Freak On

With it’s huge professional and celebrity following its no wonder Illamasqua is fast becoming one of the biggest British Cult Brands. Daring to be different Illamasqua encourages people of all ages to explore their alter egos!

Over here at  were super excited to let you all know we have launched Illamasqua’s first fragrance, Freak. Dangerously exotic unconventional flowers have been blended together to create a fragrance to help you celebrate the night. The compelling burnt orange bloom base is highly prized the world over for its ability to enhance the wearer’s natural perfume, helping to cast a magical spell of desire! Freak not only smells amazing but looks amazing too, with it’s tilted ornate art deco inspired bottle!


Freak is available in  a 30ml, 75ml and a Freak Extrait De Parfum 75ml (a more intense blend, for all you daring fashionistas). But its the Freak Coffret that has us wanting to celebrate the night!


Featuring a 30ml Freak Fragrance, a Nail Varnish in Baptiste and a Medium Eye Pencil in S.O.P.H.I.E we will be embracing our alter ego’s in no time!

23rd January 2013
Written by Very_Beauty_Team