A Man’s Valentine’s Lingerie Guide

Like our moods, our lingerie is hard to decipher. With so many different sizes, shapes, fabrics and styles out there its enough to make you go weak at the knees – and not in a good way.

You know that getting it wrong is not an option so the pressure’s on. Thankfully our Valentine’s Lingerie Guide is at hand to help you make the right lingerie choices this Valentine’s Day ensuring that you don’t end up in the dog house come that romantic night.  With 20% off lingerie on the site, we have some fantastic savings!


When it comes to bra size, sorry lads but showing us how much of your hand your lady’s bust fills just isn’t going to cut it.

The number at the beginning is the size of her chest under the bust, all the way around. Unlike the rest of the metric world, this is measured in inches. Sizes start at around 30 and go up to 38.

The letters represents the cup size which is where things get interesting. As ladies come in all shapes and sizes, it doesn’t necessarily follow that a smaller under bust measurement equates to a smaller cup size like A. You can get double letters too just for added confusion. We heartily recommend you do some investigation into her existing bits and bobs.

When rifling through your partner’s underwear drawer – if you can avoid getting caught – choose a bra that she wears quite often. This means she finds it comfortable so the size of this bra is the one to go with. You should find it on the label near the clasp.

In terms of style, we could be here forever but for Valentine’s Day, stick to either plunge bras (low cut, great cleavage), push up bras (again, cleavage heaven pushing the breasts together in an upwardly direction) or balcony bras (still uplifting but not as extreme a cleavage).

Valentines Basques and bodices

Basques/Corsets/Bustiers and Bodices

For simplicity we are going to refer to these as the same thing. They look really similar anyway but differ by the how they fasten and the effect they have on the silhouette. But we won’t go into that now…

Sizing for these will either be by bra size or by dress size. Unlike the massive range of bra sizes you can get to cater for variation, these under garments are going to be sized according to average proportions. For example, a size 10 basque is likely to have a bra size range of 32B to 34C. If there is any doubt in your mind that your gal isn’t going to fit these like a glove then steer clear. It will do her confidence no good if you’re trying to squeeze her ample bosom into something that fits her everywhere else.

This Ann Summers Xanthea Basque is great for boosting the boobs whereas this Sorbet Boutique Flirty Lace Basque is more delicate with suspenders and a free thong!

Valentines babydolls and chemises


We’re not talking about your granny’s flannel nightie here, we’re talking satin, silk, lace and above all, cleavage and leg. For ladies who aren’t that confident about their bodies, a nightie is a safe but sexy option.

Babydolls or chemises (more names meaning nightie) are basically the kind of dress that you fantasise about your woman wearing but is far too risky for public consumption. Strictly bedroom.

Lots of them are colourful and see-through like this Sorbet Boutique Stretch Mesh Ruched Dress or lacey and more revealing like this Ann Summers Marydoll Plunge Lace Body – Black.

These will come in dress size or S, M and L.

Valentines Knickers


Please, please, please exercise caution here. Massively over or underestimating the size of your girlfriend’s behind is tantamount to forgetting her birthday. In terms of sizing, it’s dress size again but if you’re unsure, we give you permission to check out the underwear drawer again (limited time only).

Style is another thing. You might love the idea of seeing her in a thong (the stringy one) but if you’ve heard her complain about these in the past, avoid it. Women tend to be divided when it comes to thongs.

French knickers (a lacy cross between shorts and briefs) are the perfect combination of sassy and comfortable so if in doubt, go with these.

Valentines dress up

Stockings & suspenders 

You’re not fooling anyone, we know that the sexy secretary look with stockings and suspenders is up there on your list of top fantasy outfits.  Many of the aforementioned basques come with the dangly suspender clasps needed for the job but if you’re not buying one of these then you’ll need to get a suspender belt (worn over knickers).

Stockings-wise you can go for the classic look or fishnets. If you really want to impress then get the stockings with the pencil line down the back (yes, we like these too).

If your budget doesn’t stretch to suspenders then hold ups are a good alternative which achieve a similar look. They magically cling to the leg without the need to be held in place by suspenders. And you thought scaffolding was for builders eh?

Dress Up

ONLY purchase if you have discussed openness to this in the past. She will either laugh or slap you in the face if she’s not up for it.

A classic is the Ann Summers Mimi Maid outfit.

Colours and style

This really comes down to your lady’s personality. Don’t go for something that is wildly different from what she has already. If she likes cute pieces in pastel colours then steer clear of leather studded dominatrix outfits. If she’s playful and wears black or red lace then you can probably be quite adventurous.

For Valentine’s Day, remember that you’re striking a balance between what you’d like to see her in and what she likes and feels comfortable wearing. If you stick to that rule of thumb, you can’t go wrong.

Good luck x

9th February 2013
Written by Very_Lauren