Helena Christensen Talks Lingerie As She Unveils New Triumph Collection

Danish supermodel Helena Christensen has designed a new lingerie range for Triumph and it is stunning! She launched it in London with a pre-fashion week party and was the perfect host, talking to everyone who had lingerie questions. For most celebrities talking about underwear is a taboo subject but not for this super cool fashion icon and mum of one. What a role model!

Here’s a mini interview about her Triumph role and beauty tips:

QS: Why did you go into designing lingerie?

Helena: ‘Triumph offered me the chance to design a line and I was like, ‘For sure!’ This also gave me the chance to educate myself because the team would teach me the background of how to construct lingerie. Just the fact that they gave me such responsibility was amazing. They basically said, ‘We’re 100% behind you, just give us your ideas’. That’s a really cool offer to have.’

QS: Are you considering going into other areas of design?

Helena: ‘No, I don’t have any ambitions in that direction. I did a small line with a friend once (Christensen & Sigersen) that taught me so much about how intense the process is. It gave me so much respect for new designers. We did it alone and from scratch so it was a good learning experience.’

QS: Would you like to do more lingerie work?

Helena: ‘I love lingerie. I don’t understand why more designers don’t do lingerie. So yes, I love it.’

QS: You must have seen so many beautiful designs throughout your career – was there anything in particular that inspired you?

Helena: ‘The thing that’s most inspiring is vintage. The craftsmanship of it, the details, the faded colours. There’s so much beauty in these pieces.’

QS: And finally, do you have any beauty tips?

Helena: ‘The best tip I have is drink lots of water. And make sure you sleep as much as you can.’

The model makes looking good sound so easy doesn’t she? While we may not be able to look exactly like her, choosing better underwear does make everyone look better. I’m inspired!

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18th February 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin