A Style Q&A With Jo Elvin – Editor of Glamour Magazine

We’ve teamed up with the super style savvy set at GLAMOUR Magazine to launch their first ever fashion collection; a 13 piece edit of staple pieces, mixed with wardrobe  MUST HAVES (caps necessary!) with the most gorgeous cute and girlie twist.

What better way to find out more about the GLAMOUR Collection than a good old chit chat with the leader of the GLAMOUR pack; Editor, Jo Elvin. We met with Jo to talk all things fashion and find out a more about the collection which was designed with help from her fab team of Fashion Editors.

Q. Why did you choose to do collaboration with Very?

It just seemed like a great opportunity to bring the essence of what the Glamour team loves about getting dressed to life. We wanted to create the building blocks of a great wardrobe, but with pieces that were classic with a twist.

Q. What were the inspirations for the collection?

We talked a lot about the kinds of clothes we all love to wear to work at Glamour every day. We wanted it to be classic with an edge, so a fantastic quality knit that you’d wear with a sparkly collar or a sexy black skirt.  If you look at the fashion pages of Glamour, the main theme is that we love sleek clothing that still has elements of fun and sexiness.

 Q Can you tell us a bit about the design process?

A lot of talking, a lot of mood boards and a lot of wrangling over details like how much puff should a puffy skirt have!

 Q What are your highlights from the collaboration?

I really love the embellished collar which I know I will wear a lot. And the white shirt with broderie detail on the collar is just about the most perfect white shirt you could wish for – a great quality basic but one that isn’t boring. And I think the black puffball skirt will look great on everyone.

 Q How would you describe your own personal style?

I like to wear streamlined basics that have something interesting about them. For instance, I have a lot of nicely cut cropped trousers but in crazy colours and textures. I like to have one interesting piece in an outfit that stands out against more simple things like a plain grey T-shirt.


After an afternoon of fashion natter, Jo dashed off finalise plans for the spring update of the GLAMOUR Collection *excited face* whilst we headed back to the HQ, straight to the  fashion cupboard for a touchy feel of the gorgeous GLAMOUR collection and yep, there were a few tantrums over who got to wear the tutu.


Which piece from the GLAMOUR Collection will make it onto your Spring Summer wish list?



See more of the gorgeous GLAMOUR Collection, available exclusively online now.

14th March 2013
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Patricia R 14 March 2013

Love this collaboration! And I have completely fallen in love with collared black dress! Where can I get one? Thank you!