Gwendoline Christie And Game Of Thrones Stars Dress Up For Series Launch

TV is about to get a lot more nail-biting, dramatic and generally intense very soon as Game of Thrones returns for a new series. It’s got everything you want in a drama – politics, fighting and romance set against a background of mythical medieval intrigue. There are dragons and ice zombies and monsters…and the actors and actresses are fantastic, throwing themselves into their parts. The biggest surprise for me was actress Gwendoline Christie (above) who plays a feisty female warrior in the TV drama but in real life is a lot more feminine. I almost didn’t recognise her at a VIP advance screening of the first episode of series 3.  The mini dress made her legs look fantastic and she was, quite rightly, walking tall and proud in court shoes rather than the flat boots she wears in the show.

Just because the first and second series were global smash hits, they cast are still putting on their best clothes and getting their glamour on to promote the third. Actress Michelle Fairley also looked sensational, keeping it simple and elegant in a black dress.

Thomas Brodie Sangster, whose first major part was as the child in Love Actually 10 years ago, has developed a quirky Britsh gentleman style. Thomas’s uncle is Hugh Grant and I’d say he’s definitely a chip off the old block. Not many teenagers could pull off red trousers and the tie was pretty cute too!

Meanwhile actor Finn Jones is one of the heart-throbs to emerge from the show and he picked the perfect suit for the launch event. It fitted him perfectly!

So what’s Game Of Thrones about then? Well lets just say there is more ‘hang on the edge of your seat’ drama as several families battle to claim the Iron Throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. There’s a complex tangle of alliances, betrayals, family ties and blood feuds as the leadership battle progresses.

It starts on Sky Atlantic on 1 April …so make sure you have a cushion to squeal into! If you want to catch up on series 1 and 2 before then you can get a boxset at Very.

Love Zoex

30th March 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin