How To Get Rich Blogging About Fashion Or Beauty

I have my dream job as I write for a living and I get to write about what I love – fashion and celebrities. People always ask me how I did it and so I decided to answer that question once and for all with my new book called ‘Get Rich Blogging’.

I had the launch party last week and some famous faces turned up to learn how they could get even richer. Makeup Artist Gary Cockerill told me he was launching a beauty blog soon and took his husband Phill to learn new tricks. Plus Olympics gymnast Louis Smith is also straddling the blogging bandwagon.

So why don’t you do it too? If you love talking about a subject and reading what others say on that topic then you might as well join in the conversation with your own blog. The more readers you attract the more money you make.

The way to attract readers is to be genuinely passionate about a subject so you can talk about it long after everyone else has stopped. If you’re the only one posting about a specific subject then people have to go to you to get the gossip.

Fashion blogging is a crowded marketplace and not everyone makes money, but the book profiles the most successful bloggers and looks at traits they have in common. By applying simple do’s and don’ts, it’s easier than you think to make money from a blog. Made In Chelsea star Kimberly Garner said she was up for giving it a go…so if she can do it, why can’t you?

You don’t need any technical knowledge as you can use free blogging software to design the blog but it’s all about starting a conversation with your readers so that they feel valued and want to return. So if you’re a fashion blogger, make sure you ask people if they agree with the fashion choice you’ve picked and if not, why not. Debate is good!

The book is officially out now and available in all good bookstores. If you get it then please let me know what you think. I hope it helps you get rich!

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4th March 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: William Asamoah 9 March 2013

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