Keeping the Kids Busy This Easter

Easter is a lovely break. The weather starts to warm up, the kids are off school, we get two days off either side of the weekend and the family get together for the first time since Christmas. Sounds idyllic huh? In reality the picture is more like torrents of rain outside, long-overdue DIY projects, running around like a headless chicken creating Easter Egg hunts and cooking roast dinners not to mention entertaining hyperactive children dosed up on Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. They may call it a Bank Holiday but it’s anything but relaxing when you’ve got kids.

Keeping those little people busy is job number one. We’ve thought of some Easter entertainment solutions come rain or shine.


When it’s looking grim out there then sitting your children down with something they can immerse themselves in will really help you out. From age 3, creative kids can settle down with a bumper Crayola Kids Bundle with gigantic colouring book and an assortment of colouring materials that will keep them busy for hours. If you’re looking for an activity with minimal mess then this Peppa Pig’s Sketchy Fun Castle is a great alternative.

Electronic toys

Educational and fun electronics are the toy of choice for rainy days. They’re on the pricier end of the toy scale but they’re an investment worth making. VTech Inno Tab 2 Tablets in Blue or Pink are the perfect medium for children to develop reading, spelling, maths, logic and creative skills. They won’t even realise they’re doing something educational. Game and story software like VTech Innotab Brave or Penguins of Madagascar bring their favourite characters to life.

Board games for kids

When you want to encourage the kids to play together or sit down as a family you can’t beat classic board games like Hasbro Connect 4 and MB Games Operation. After a few games it will be harder to decipher who the real kids are.

Outdoor Fun

If (and we appreciate it’s a big if) we get some warm weather over Easter, the first thing we want to do is send the kids outside from under our feet. Even if the weather doesn’t pick up, it’s worth investing in some outdoor props for keeping the kids entertained over the summer with offers like 3 for 2 or Take 3.  So wrap the little rascals up warm and unleash them into the garden with some of these guaranteed Bank Holiday boredom busters.

Outdoor toys

It looks like something that wouldn’t be too out of place at Krufts but we assure you that your little ones will have hours of fun in this World Apart Generic Concertina Combo Tent. There are two tents at either end connected with a crawl through concertina tunnel. Despite its size it packs away really well and is suitable from age 2.

No garden is complete without a slide and we’re loving the Small Wonders Great Fun Slide for its durability and size. Suitable for kids from 3 – 8 and can take a maximum weight of 40kgs so if your husband fancies a go, tell him by all means but he has to deal with the consequences.

Goal and wendy house

If your little boy can’t go a day without a kick-about then make his year by getting him somewhere to aim the ball with this Kickmaster Premier Goal 7ft. The paint finish is rust resistant so you can leave it outside for April showers without having to worry. Set up is easy and you can transport it to the park  no problem.

Any grown up who had a wendy house when they were small will have fond memories of dressing up as princesses, hosting tea parties and most importantly, having a save haven from smelly boys. Give your little girl the gift of role play and adventure with this Disney Princess Castle Feature Tent – suitable in or outdoors.


Last but most certainly not least is the classic spacehopper. Literally days upon days of fun and great for knackering out hyperactive children. Spiderman Space Hopper for the boys and Disney Princess Space Hopper for the girls.


17th March 2013
Written by Very_Lauren