Number One Pop Stars The Saturdays Reveal Beauty Secrets

The Saturdays were still on the high that came from getting their single to Number One when  they attended the vInpsired awards in London – and I don’t blame them! I am so happy Rochelle, Una, Mollie, Frankie and Vanessa finally got the top slot as they have worked continuously for five years. It just goes to show that if you want something bad enough and keep going then you will get there in the end!

The vInspired awards were really motivating full-stop as they are to honour young people doing voluntary work. There were awards for best young volunteer, best all round commitment to volunteering and best team activity and The Saturdays lifted the morale even more when they performed What About Us. The men in the audience must have been drooling over their flawless tanned legs that they all enhanced with ankle boots. They must have been hitting the gym since they started filming their E! reality show! Well. with the exception of Rochelle who was on maternity leave.

What I love about The Saturdays is they have kept classy throughout their career – they don’t do scruffy and always seem to look stylish and well-put together? What’s their secrect?

Firstly, Frankie, who looked stunning in a coral pink playsuit revealed that she started with fragrance. ‘I use Estee Lauder Sensuous‘ she confessed.

Mollie’s tip is: ‘Moisturise! Our skin gets dry because of all the rehearsals on stage. I always use vaseline on my lips!’

Vanessa added: ‘I think it’s best if you get a moisturiser with an SPF Factor to protect your skin from the sun.’

And finally Una said it was all about the base, revealing: ‘My philosophy is once you have a flawless face you’ll look good everywhere else! Take time finding a good foundation.”

The girls definitely look the part but the question is now can the girls hang onto the top slot for another week?  I wish them all the best!

Love Zoex

29th March 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin