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If I had one era I could travel back in time to for the fashion and style it would be the 60s. Forget Paris, New York and Milan, the swinging 60s was all about London. Even Anna Wintour, who grew up in the capital famously commented:

Growing up in London in the 60s, you’d have to have had Irving Penn’s sack over your head not to know something extraordinary was happening in fashion.”

I’d love to have spent my teens watching the Rolling Stones, listening to Jimi Hendrix and shopping for miniskirts down Carnaby Street. Models such as Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy were making names for themselves and creating a buzz around new styles and fashions.

The Clothes

Mod style came about in the mid sixties and focused on the iconic monochrome look the era is perhaps best known for. However, the Mods also brought in their own colourful fashions as well as raising hemlines. From the mini skirt and Peter Pan collar to abstract prints and space age fashions, 60s Mod was all about the young and was a trend that started on the streets and in the clubs instead of on the runway.

The Hairstyles

The Mod term “anything goes” applied to more than just fashion. Perhaps the most notorious of hairstyles to come out of this time was the Pixie cut made infamous by Twiggy. Young and fun, this style suits those with great cheekbones and well groomed eyebrows. Over the last few years this style has made a comeback with celebs like Emma Watson and more recently Charlize Theron showing off their cropped locks.

More sultry was the eyebrow skimming fringe look made famous by the gorgeous Anna Karina. With eyes made up in thick 60s eyeliner it created a youthful yet powerful style. I loved Rooney Mara’s fringe at the Academy Awards and am always a fan of Zooey Deschanel’s enviable hairstyle.

The Makeup

Harsh, heavy and defining, Mod makeup was all about the eyes. Mascara was applied so thick to both lash lines that it clumped together giving a false eyelash effect. Eyeliner was applied all around the eye and eye shadow swept across the entire lid. The lips on the other hand were left bare – some girls even took it to the extreme by applying foundation or white lipstick! Day or night, this was the look. The Mod style was all about drama.

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22nd April 2013
Written by Laura_Loves

Posted by: Pagona Salourou 23 April 2013

I like the checked 60s top.