Exclusive Interview: Gorgeous Pussycat Doll Kimberley Wyatt At Streets Theatre Show

Pussycat Doll, Sky’s Got To Dance judge and all round cool girl Kimberley Wyatt has the world at her manicured feet right now. She went to the first night of new musical The Streets in London and looked drop dead gorgeous in printed leggings and a black jacket. You don’t need to wear a dress to look gorgeous and you can combine a bit of glamour with a rock chick image. Go, Kim!

Heavily pregnant Rochelle Wiseman attended the same event even though it’s just days before she gives birth. She was also wearing a black leather jacket showing that’s a bit of a trend right now. It’s a Spring thing – just about warm enough to ditch the winter coat but still not warm enough for a blazer…

Kim shared a few of her style secrets and plans to reporters and this is what she said:

 QS: What are you working on right now?

KIM: ‘I’m doing ‘Got to Dance’ Finals, which is very exciting.  I’m getting my management company, ‘Beautiful Movements Management’ off the ground.  I’m launching my perfume ‘Cadence’ in June and I’m launching music as well.  My new song ‘Derriere’ is out right now.  So I’m just staying creative!”

QS: What scents inspire you?

KIM: ‘I love the smell of sunshine, of the beach and I quite like fruity fragrances, I am more into vanilla than musk.’

QS: What do you like about working/living in London?

KIM:I’m really inspired by the fashion and creativity. The UK fans were the first to really support me as an individual and the opportunity I have had because of that has brought me a lot of happiness. I love sunny days when you can get on your shades and go out into the park and I love the people that I work with here. I’ve got a UK family!

QS: What do you miss about LA/States when you’re over here?

KIM: I miss the weather and being able to run outside in a T-shirt and shorts. I also miss the plethora of fresh produce and fruit.

QS: What’s next for you?

KIM: ‘I hope to produce and create my own show.  Whether it be in the West End or touring, or a venue like Camden’s RoundHouse.’

Looks like Kimberley’s ambition is as bold as the print of her trousers. I like a woman with high standards…let’s wish her all the best!



12th April 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin