How To: Apply False Eyelashes


I’m LaaLaa Monroe from Dolce Vanity a UK beauty blog.

Equipped with make up skills, I would love to share some tips on how to perfect your false eyelash application for the upcoming holidays and festivities. I know that putting false lashes on can be a little scary but with the right tools and practice, you’ll be fluttering your false lashes in no time.

What you will need :


Select the lashes you want to use, I’m going to use Dainty Doll False Lashes in Long Length Brown – available from Very.

Take your eyelashes out the packet and gently using your fingers gently lift them up. Bend them back and forth, just to soften up the lash band before putting them onto your lashes.

Measure your false lashes against the length of your natural lash line, this way you can see if the lashes fit perfectly or need to be cut to fit. If the lashes are longer cut them from the outer end but  if you do want to keep the length take a couple strands from the inner corner (If you cut one, do the same for the other).

Cut as much as you need so that the lashes fit and give your eyes the best effect instead of dragging your eyes downwards.

There’s different techniques to getting the glue onto the lash band, you can slowly disperse the glue from the nozzle of the tube onto the band directly or put some glue onto the back of your hand, using the end of a brush dip it into the glue and run it along the band for more control.

Wait 10 – 15 seconds before applying the lashes as you want the glue to get tacky, application while wet, will just make it harder for them to be positioned. You will still be able to move them to the desired place when it gets tacky and it will stick much quicker.

What you use to apply the lashes is 100% optional you can use tweezers or your fingers, it’s what you find comfortable. I use tweezers on myself.

Holding the tweezers in the centre of the lashes, close your eyes slightly, drop the lashes in the centre on top of your own and get them as close to the lash root. Take your time to adjust them, the inner and outer corner may need to be held down a little longer so it adheres to the skin. You can give them a little squeeze with your fingers to make sure it’s glued on.

Don’t apply the inner end too close to your tear duct, I’ve found it’s better to leave a little gap, preferably the inner corner should start after the tear duct.

Once you’ve done, move onto the next.

You may notice the band of the false lashes are visible, to solve this problem, go over it with your liquid or gel eyeliner to cover it up. Mascara can be applied before this application or afterwards. By applying your favourite mascara to blend your natural and false lashes together.

I hope this has helped you ladies and remember practice makes perfect 🙂 xo

Love LaaLaa x

3rd April 2013
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Shelley 21 April 2013

I’d definately agree that it takes practice (and lots of it!) You’re articles really good for even the False Eyelash newbies however!