Michelle Heaton Helps OK! Magazine Celebrate 20 Years

Michelle Heaton has helped OK! Magazine celebrate it’s 20th anniversary in style. First of all, she was the guest of honour at a party in central London, looking angelic in a white dress and white shoes with a red bag. She’s matched her clothes to the magazine’s header – red and white are OK!’s colours. She mingled at the event with Made In Chelsea’s Cheska Hull, Hugo Taylor and Spencer Matthews, TV presenter Brooke Kinsella, Channel 5 weather presenter Sian Welby and Pussycat Doll Carmit Bachar  but it was Michelle who stole the limelight in white.

Second of all, Michelle and her husband Hugh Hanley gave an interview to the magazine, talking about their new life with their daughter Faith and about how they dealt with Michelle’s surgery after a breast cancer scare. One thing’s for sure – Hugh has always been by Michelle’s side and they make a hot couple, don’t they?

Speaking to OK! Magazine, Michelle revealed: “The breasts still don’t feel like mine, it’s the oddest feeling in the world. I think this is how they’re going to be. I just have to come to terms with it and dress accordingly.”

Supportive Hugh added: “As a partner it’s the most helpless you feel, there’s nothing you can do. It’s a horrible experience and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but, for us, the consolation was we had a choice to make, some people don’t have that choice. She doesn’t have cancer, we were taking preventative measures.”

When asked about their favourite moment in OK!’s 20 year history, both said it was the photoshoot of their wedding two years ago. They seem stronger as a couple than ever as they also revealed they are trying for another baby. So cute!

Michelle’s getting ready to do the Big Reunion tour, which starts next month, and then her schedule is clear. Sounds like the ideal time to stock up on baby clothes and have their second child – and a reason for another OK! photoshoot about the pregnancy?

Love Zoex

18th April 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin