The Voice Week Five: Will.I.Am And The Other Judges Get Tactical

It’s almost the last week of blind auditions on The Voice (next week will be the last one) so the judges are being more critical about who they turn around for. And just to make things even more nerve-wracking for the contestants they are also leaving it until the last moment to turn round to put off other judges.  I feel so sorry for the singers!

However, if they’re truly talented they will get through as this week’s episode proved. Here’s my top five from Saturday night’s show and an explanation about their voice and their style.

Alice Bruce

Alice looked incredible in black shorts and white blouse as her legs seem to go on forever. Her gorgeous looks won her a part in Hollyoaks but it’s her voice she wants to be known for now. She joined team Danny O’Donohue.

Lareena Mitchell

Lareena is an Adele tribute act…but she gives Adele’s songs her own powerful twist. She looked pretty in a silver top but judge Tom Jones, who turned round for her said: ‘I thought you gave it the Fully Monty’. Well, let’s hope not!

Nate James


Nate has actually had two record deals before! The 33-year-old was signed and dropped, signed and dropped and has even had a MOBO award nomination in the past. Jessie immediately recognised him and although Danny turned round too, he went with Jessie. I can’t wait to hear those two duet!


This energetic duo has to be my favourite double act so far. In their cheeky denim shorts, they owned the stage and all the judges praised their energy. They join team Will.I.Am, who will no doubt bring even more energy to their performance. Saturday nights when they’re on TV are about to get a lot more exciting!

Colin Chisholm

To show that it is all about The Voice, it was lovely to see 60-something singer Colin Chisholm succeed. He impressed Tom Jones and I can really imagine these two ‘jamming’! The older viewers in the UK will probably get a soft spot for Colin and remember there are a lot of mature TV viewers tuning into the BBC meaning that Colin could do surprisingly well. Wait and see – the live auditions start in two weeks time.

Do you have a favourite so far? It could all change next week as we reach the final episode of the auditions….

Love Zoex

29th April 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin