The Voice Week Four: Model Sarah Cassidy Sets Tone Of Impressive Episode

I wonder if the producers of The Voice saved the best characters until the later weeks as they knew they would be going opposite Britain’s Got Talent on ITV? There’s always a ratings war between these two shows and right now Britain’s Got Talent is slightly ahead. However, that may be because BGT has some real comedy elements and everyone on The Voice is of a high standard. However, some are better than others as not everyone can get through! Here’s the lowdown on the top five from this week’s show:

Sarah Cassidy

The model from Glasgow was the first person from this episode to get a few of the judges saying yes and fighting over her.  It must be really nice to her to get judged on her voice and not her looks for once even though she was looking lovely – her skirt was stunning! In the end, she appealed to Jessie’s promises that she would support her as a female singer and that proved to be a lucky decision as it seems she has a new boyfriend out of it, who is a fellow competitor and member of team Jessie. He is Alex Buchanan, who Jessie picked in episode 2.  Talk about a life-changing decision.

Barbara And Carla

All four judges turned round for classical music duo Barbara and Carla almost immediately. They truly hit the high notes in every sense as it must have been an incredible feeling for them to perform on stage knowing they had all the panel in the palm of their hands. I expected them to pick Tom Jones but they went with Will.i.Am. I cannot wait to see how he develops them! And hopefully their dress sense too –maybe getting them out of their suits and into maxi dresses?

 Karl Michael

The relief on window cleaner Karl’s face when the judges turned round was priceless, especially as all four judges did. What’s nice about Karl is that he experienced fame once as his band Domino Go! got signed to Atlantic Records and they got dropped again just a few months later. Karl reminds me a bit of X Factor singer James Arthur as they’re both living in bedsits and have music as their main passion. However Karl seems to have better dress sense – he looked cool in black jeans and a black jacket.

Emily Worton

There were dirty tricks used by the judges with Emily. Will.I.Am wanted her so badly he pretended to Danny he wasn’t and then spun round at the last minute. Lucky Emily, who sang and played guitar and looked cool and casual in a black top and red skirt and was straight through the coolest team – Will.I.Am’s!

LB Robinson

LB took a risk singing Tom Jones’  She’s a Lady and for a while it looked like nobody was going to turn round. Finally Tom turned round at the end and LB’s family went wild! However, don’t be fooled by appearances. Despite looking cute in a trendy hat, LB is a bit of a monster. He gave Jessie attitude when she tried to explain why she didn’t vote for him and then told Danny that even if he had turned round LB wouldn’t have gone with him. I hope Tom gets that ego under control!

Who’s your favourite so far? There’s plenty more to come as the live shows don’t start til June this year!

Love Zoex

22nd April 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin