The Voice Week Three: The Judges Are Fighting Over Talent

Now in it’s third week, we’re starting to see more drama, more emotion and more feeling on BBC One’s the Voice…and that’s just between the judges. What I really like about the talent show is the contestant gets to choose if more than one judge turns round for them and the judges go to desperate lengths to win that singer over. Tom Jones tries name-dropping, Danny tries to brag about his rock star roots and Will.I.Am lowers his glasses and smiles. However Jessie J seems to get quite emotional.

Jessie almost cried when wannabe pop star Cleo Higgins rejected her and complained to cameras that girls didn’t seem to trust her this year. Is she being melodramatic or is she really upset? I seriously couldn’t work it out. But what I could see was that this episode had tons of truly talented singers. Here’s the top five from this week’s episode:

Cleo Higgins

Cleo was previously in girl band Cleopatra – the girls behind the catchy anthem Cleopatra Comin Atcha – and it became clear on The Voice that she has talent as well as looks. It is believed she got the fastest turnaround ever as Jessie J turned round after just four seconds! However, she chose team Will.I.Am, prompting Jessie to say she was gonna cry. Will was happy though and told her straight away her jeans and multi-coloured shirt was ‘fresh’. I agree with that!

Mitchell Ems

Mitchell completely rocked the stage singing the Foo Fighters, dressed for the part with his black jeans and black t-shirt and long hair. If anything he may have moved about too much as it affected the quality of his vocals but The Script star Danny O’Donohue did turn round. I think they will make a good duo! Plus Mitchell has had some experience of fame – he was on a junior version of TV’s Stars in Their Eyes where he played Kurt Cobain.

Maxine and Shelley (Diva)

Maxine Jack and her best pal Shelley Atkinson set themselves a tough task – to sing Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion’s duet Tell Him. But they sang it just as good as the original and that meant both Tom Jones and Jessie J turned round.It didn’t take them that long to pick Tom over Jessie though. Hopefully Tom can inject a bit more glamour into their look – these two have powerful voices and could do with more power dressing.

Leah McFall

Belfast’s Leah McCall blew the judges away with Rita Ora’s RIP and caused more fighting between the judges. After and Jessie J both turned round for her she picked Will.I.Am. Jessie’s not had a great week in terms of artists going with her, has she? It’s a shame as she could have helped Leah glam up more – the printed jacket and dungarees were a unique look but I reckon Leah would suit a Jessie style jumpsuit.

Connor Scott

Talented Connor’s rendition of Ellie Goulding’s Starry Eyed only convinced Danny to turn round – so there was no fighting this time- but Danny has hit the jackpot with the Irish teenager. The sweet 18 year old looks like he will absorb everything Danny tells him although he is in a difficult situation as he needs to combine singing with studying for his A’levels. Let’s hope he can handle the pressure!

Who’s your favourite so far? There are more blind auditions next week. At this stage anything could happen!

Love Zoex

15th April 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin