What men really think of our prints!

OK, so we all know that prints are going to be a popular choice this summer – you may have seen a few flitting about already from animal to floral – and I’m certainly a fan of most prints, but a certain incident a couple of weeks ago left me thinking “what do men really think of prints?”

Now this incident involves a duck, a goose and three men as well as one annoyed group of friends and a very confused girl in a printed top. Ready? Here we go…

In a secret, speakeasy-like bar in Liverpool I was enjoying a couple of cocktails with the girls when one friend, who was wearing a gorgeous black chiffon shirt with a white bird print, began getting harassed by three men sat behind her. At first it began with a poke and the question “What’s that on your top?” Next came a tap on the shoulder and the question “Hey, is it a duck?” Finally, all three became involved and seemingly very intrigued as to what was on her top asking “Well which is it, a duck or a goose?” Clearly, they were more interested in my friend than what was on her shirt, but never the less, the print had caught their eye and served as a conversation starter.

So, why do women wear prints and what do men really think of them? Are they simply conversation starters or do men really have an interest when it comes to prints?


To women, prints are a…

  1. Fashion trend
  2. Statement
  3. Way to add colour to your outfit
  4. Guaranteed complement getter from friends
  5. Man magnet?

Is this last point really true?


Having seen the response from the three men last week I would say that for men, prints are:

  1. A conversation starter
  2. A chance to come on to someone
  3. A necessary complement enforcer (when speaking to their significant other)

However, this is just what I think and of course I couldn’t just leave it there and so after a bit of research across several forums, I discovered to my surprise that there is a clear divide between the sexes. That’s right ladies – from looking across countries and different age groups, ranging from their 20s to their 50s, it’s clear that most men are against prints!

Let me share some of the comments I’ve found (Don’t worry I’ve left out all the pervy ones i.e., unleash your inner animal and forget the dress):

“What started off as big cat prints, leopards, lions and tigers, has now diversified into zebras and giraffes – it’s ridiculous!”

“Leopard or striped prints always catch my eye, in a good way. What drives us men away? Flower prints! Why some women still dress up in outfits that look like they were once part of their mother’s kitchen curtains is beyond me. Just because I might be approaching my 50’s, doesn’t mean I want to be with a gal who thinks it is 1950!”

“It’s the female equivalent of men wearing Hawaiian shirts.”

“Yahoo News’ top 10 worst fashion trends of 2011: #3 – Animal Prints – enough said!”

One angry man even compared prints to the character Peggy Bundy from the TV show Married with Children – not sure who he means? Google her, it’s definitely worth it!

Wow, ouch! I don’t think prints needed to be on the list of the worst fashion trends of 2011! However, as with all forums the opinions are always balanced and so to leave this post on a better note, let’s hear from the women:

“Animal print is a classic women fashion staple like the little black dress.”

“Some women can pull off a print quite nicely and others cannot – it depends on the woman.”

“I like prints, especially animal prints. I like the colour tones of brown that match my skin.”

“My favourite pair of shoes: leopard print 3 inch heel booties with a peep toe. They are gorgeous, comfortable, and look GREAT with skinny jeans and a tank top!”

So, what do we think to prints ladies – a classic fashion staple or the equivalent of a man’s Hawaiian shirt? Let me know what your favourite printed piece is, or your worst! Love prints? Then get inspired with these gorgeous little numbers from Very.

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23rd April 2013
Written by Laura_Loves

Posted by: Lauren greaves 23 April 2013

It depends on the woman, if an older woman say late 40s and up wore them 9/10 times they just look like a cougar, it also depends on the style of clothing too because it can sometime just look tacky and cheap! There is a line but can be carried off well!