1. How to Walk in Heels

A couple of months ago I went out in my favourite shoe boots, or shoobs if you will, and was having an awesome time with the girls until about 3 hours into the night when my feet started to really hurt. So much so that, and I’m not proud to admit this, but I had to take them off!

Usually they don’t hurt my feet at all, but walking from place to place on the endless cobbled streets in Liverpool I found my ankles were weak, the balls of my feet throbbed and it was difficult to walk and more importantly to look good whilst doing it.

After seeing other girls practically running, skipping and pirouetting I started to think “is there a trick to walking in heels and if so can I learn it?”

Well ladies you’ll be glad to know there is and after I practiced the tips and tricks I’m going to share with you I perfected walking in heels. So, if you’ve experienced something similar and want to perfect the art of walking in heels then follow my blog over the next few posts and I’ll share the 7 steps (including a cheeky bonus tip) I used to see if I could walk any better in the same shoe boots.

Step (get it? I know, I know terrible!) 1: Start low and work your way up to a stiletto

“Walking in heels is not natural; it is a learned skill – one that requires practice and discipline in order to be perfected.”

Right, so a bit obvious, but don’t run before you can walk. Now although I wasn’t new to wearing heels, I don’t wear them that often. I’m 6 foot and a lot of my friends are 5’ 6/7” when in heels at best so I try to avoid the really tall ones.

However, you should ideally start with a small heel, no more than 2-3 inches. A kitten heel is great, but if they aren’t your thing then a pair of pistol boots with a wide heel or court shoes will work too. The idea is to practice with these types of shoes to build up your ankle strength, which to be honest is something I really needed to do!

I’ve chosen a pair of Love Label Mornay metallic kittens heels – in purple they are the perfect for adding a pop of colour to your evening outfits!

After trialling your low heels you should move onto wedges just in time for summer – if it ever arrives (I’ve chosen a gorgeous pair of Carvela floral print wedges) and finally your killer heels.

If you want to take up the challenge too then pick three pairs of shoes with the idea of working your way up to the tallest and watch out for tomorrow’s post!

Good luck and remember if you want to read more about what Laura Loves then follow me at imakemyownfashion

Love Laura x

4th May 2013
Written by Laura_Loves

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