2. Are your heels too high or just right?

OK so you’ve picked your three pairs of shoes and hopefully have been walking in the modest heels for the last week. Hopefully you’re feeling super confident wearing them by now.

But, for those who may have stepped up their heel height already or are already pretty fantastic at walking in killer heels, do you know how to check if your heels are the right size for you?

My Nan taught me this nifty little trick years ago – give it a go next time you’re about to buy or go out in heels.

  • Make sure you are standing on a hard, even floor with your knees straight
  • Try and rise up on your toes by an inch
  • If you can, the heels are perfect and you may want to try the same trick with a taller pair of heels
  • If you can’t, then they are too high for you at the moment and you shouldn’t wear them.

Why not?

Although you may have fallen in love with a pair of shoes, if you wear heels that are too high for you you’ll damage yourself, your walk and probably your street cred!

People who wear heels that are too high for them tend to walk with their knees bent forward – making them sore. And for those of us who love wearing gel cushions on those important nights out, it’s worth remembering to leave a bit of breathing room in your shoes!

Channel your inner model

Whether you’re wearing your low, mid or high heels at this point try these tips on how to walk in them:

  • You should start by taking small, slow steps. Try not to think about your steps though, you want them to look as normal as possible (so not bending your knees any more than you usually would).
  • Heels shorten your stride and the taller the heel the shorter the stride, regardless of how tall or short you are.
  • When walking you must put your heel down first and, when your weight is on the ball of your foot, shift your weight forward so it’s on the ball (as if you’re walking on your tip toe). Then repeat this action with your other foot and so on.
  • Remember to keep your legs close together for an elegant walk – the last thing you want to do is walk with a plodding (or manly) action when you look so good!

Remember to channel your inner model! Models walk by putting one foot slightly in front of the other for a hip swaying, alluring walk. This looks great, but practice in your chosen heels so you don’t get too carried away and fall!

Handy tip!

Whether wearing your heels on a night out with the girls or just to add a little chic to your daytime wardrobe, you won’t constantly be on the move. So, when you’re not practicing your walk try practicing your grace and poise instead by standing like this:

Stand with the heel of one foot touching the inside of the other, half way up. Angle this foot just slightly and put your weight on the toe of the foot slightly behind. When this foot gets tired simply swap and continue until you’re on the move again!

Practice, practice, practice!

Sounds like a no brainer, but it’s all down to actually practicing walking in your heels. I didn’t feel comfortable wearing my 4 inch peep toe shoe boots to the Very HQ as I drive to work and the weather wasn’t great.

However, there are other ways of getting in some practice so don’t worry! You can also wear them around the house if you don’t feel confident wearing them out and about. When I was practicing walking in my heels I found wearing them around the house really useful and so took it a step further…

What did I do? Why the housework of course! I hoovered, upstairs and down, practised standing (shifting my weight from foot to foot) whilst doing the dishes and walked up and down the stairs several times. The result? I won’t lie, it was difficult at times to manoeuvre around corners in my heels with the Hoover, but after a while I gradually got used to wearing them.

So why not give it a go and see what you can do in your heels!

Handy tip!

Wearing your heels around the house will get you used to walking on different surfaces; carpet, laminate, pavement (if outside or in your garage) as well as scuffing them slightly for added grip! 

In tomorrow’s post I’ll be revealing lots of handy tips to perfect your walk as well as revealing the bonus tip I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

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Love Laura x

5th May 2013
Written by Laura_Loves