3. Take a break: Protect your feet!

Now that you have been practicing your walks in different types of heels (and doing all sorts of housework in them) you should be aware of any sore or tender spots. I found mine were the balls of my feet and my little toe – basically the areas under more pressure and that have to contend with a little friction.

So, the next step is one I’m sure everyone has tried before…cushioning!

With gel pads for every part of your foot and for all different types of shoe there is now no excuse for not protecting your feet. They come in all shapes, sizes and materials and some are even orthopaedic! Designed to cushion your foot against the inner shoe, they make walking and dancing a lot easier and more comfortable.

Available from most supermarkets, you’ll easily be able to find a gel cushion for those tender spots from the heel and balls of your foot to the toes and even for your strappy sandals!


Be generous with your cushioning. You’ll have a better time knowing your feet are protected instead of calling it an early night!

Take a break

Probably my favourite tip of all – taking regular breaks!

Don’t get me wrong, I love busting a move as much as the next girl, but 5 hours (sometimes more) of non-stop dancing and I’m sure you’ll agree that that’s enough for most who are wearing heels! So remember to take short, regular breaks.

Sit down and chat with friends – even visiting the bathroom counts! But, and this is crucial, DON’T take your heels off!!! I made that mistake and although they feel better, it’s only a brief feeling and you may struggle to get them back on. Even if you do, they’ll hurt you even more than they did to begin with.

Handy tip!

Once you take off your heels your feet begin to swell making the pain worse and your shoes harder to get on afterwards. It also makes it even harder to carry on dancing. So make sure you choose a break over bare feet!

So, it’s the moment of truth…have you been able to perfect your walk enough to stride, dance and pirouette with confidence? I definitely did and hope you can too!

Bonus tip!

One last handy tip to end the How to Walk in Heels series is quality over quantity!

It’s a well known fact that better made shoes are often more expensive, but they last longer and provide more comfort than those bargain buys you see. So, remember rather than buying two or three pairs of cheap shoes over a month, save your dosh and invest in a solid, quality pair of heels!

I’m loving these beautiful shoes at the moment:

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I hope you’ve enjoyed my tips and tricks to walking in heels. Check out my latest loves at imakemyownfashion

Love Laura x

6th May 2013
Written by Laura_Loves

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