A guide to the perfect BBQ!

Summer is finally upon us! Well, sort of. Along with summer holidays and a bronzed complexion our thoughts are turning towards the first of what will hopefully be many BBQ’s. But where to start? Worry not, here’s my recipe for the perfect BBQ to help you start the season with a bang.


  •  1 BBQ (medium or large depending on the number of guests)
  • 1 cooler box (with drinks, of course)
  • 1 summer playlist (portable speakers are a must)
  • 1 British summer time (cue sun)
  • As many burgers and sausages as possible
  • Condiments and relishes as preferred
  • Plenty of side dishes
  • A few rays of sunshine

First things first, take the BBQ and light it well in advance. Charcoal BBQ’s need at least half an hour to heat up, depending on the size. Always wait until the flames have gone out and the charcoal is grey to get the perfect cooking temperature.

Next fill the cooler box with ice and add drinks according to taste. Cooking up a feast is thirty work so you’ll need a cool beverage on hand.

Leave the men arguing over who is the best at BBQ-ing and head to the kitchen. You should never underestimate the power of a side dish as they add a tasty twist to the menu and give the guests something to snack on while the burgers cook. Potato salad, coleslaw and corn on the cob are all ideal to keep your friends and family happy.

Next you’ll need the perfect playlist. Go for all of your favourite summer anthems to set the mood, anything that mentions the sun will do just fine.

Once the BBQ is ready you can start adding your burgers, sausages and kebabs. Fish and vegetables also work well on a BBQ and for extra flavour add condiments and relish.

Gradually add guests throughout the day and keep the drinks flowing and sausages sizzling.

Now all you need is a few rays of sunshine and there you have it, the perfect BBQ. Enjoy!

Love Aimee x

9th May 2013
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: michelle 12 May 2013

my favourite brand has to be Rimmel…good for money, upto date and really easy to wear 🙂

Posted by: Becky 11 May 2013

Bring on the sunshine!

Posted by: Roger Bufton 9 May 2013

Water & soap. the best there is.