Say goodbye to the long, cold winter and embrace the start of summer with the body you deserve!

Slendertone, the expert in muscle toning, is here to help the nation get back on track so you can embrace the delights of summer with a beautifully toned body! Designed to fit in with busy lifestyles and complement existing exercise routines, the Slendertone range includes products for the Abs, Arms, Bottom and Face for a full body toning experience.

Check out their video here.

The Slendertone range of products deliver impressive results thanks to clinically-proven electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) technology. This technology activates the body’s natural muscle movements and ensures all muscles contract, not just those directly under the pads. It stimulates the nerves supplying each muscle group, which helps tone and strengthen them deep into the core. The muscles simultaneously contract and then relax, similar to the regular muscle contractions experienced during normal exercise. The sensation is powerful enough to recruit all muscles in the targeted region, yet comfortable enough to have a conversation whilst using it.

But don’t just take our word for it – each of the Slendertone products is clinically proven to provide real results. In fact, during trials, it was found that:

  • 100% of Abs belt users reported firmer abs from just eight weeks
  • 89% of Arms Accessory users reported their arms were more defined, from six weeks
  • 88% of Bottom users reported an improvement in bottom firmness, from six weeks
  • 94% of Face users reported that their face felt firmer, from 12 weeks

See our full  Slendertone range here. 

31st May 2013
Written by Very_Beauty_Team