Apple iPod Nano and GEAR4 Docking station

Holiday Electricals You Can’t Live Without

A long time ago, a tattered Jilly Cooper paperback and a travel-sized Elle from the airport would have sufficed for daytime entertainment on holiday. Not anymore. With attention spans being what they are and technology what it is, even the most relaxing getaway is going to involve some input from the modern world – especially if you’re bringing kids. Whether you’re flying long haul or sunning it up on the Spanish coast, here are the holiday electricals you really can’t live without.

First thing’s first – the music situation. It’s worth investing in a device other than your mobile to minimise the chances of your phone being stolen/buried in sand. An iPod Nano is perfect. There’s more space for more music (16GB), it’s incredibly slim (5.4 mm) so won’t take up much room in your beach bag and the Genius feature cleverly detects what kind of songs fit your current mood. You also get 30 hours of music playback.

When you’re getting ready to go out, you need to turn things up…LOUD! We like this GEAR 4 StreetParty Ultra-Slim Portable Travel Speaker Dock – Blue. It’s small so will be fine in hand luggage, it’s portable and will do up to 10 hours playback with batteries alone, it works with your iPod or iPhone AND will charge it at the same time. There’s a remote control too so you can skip to your favourite tunes without disturbing your mojito on the balcony. WIN!

earphones and Skullcandy headphones

When you’re having some me-time, headphones are key. For those who like over-ear, the Skullcandy Navigator Over Ear Headphones with Mic & Remote – White are excellent in the under £100 price range. Supreme sound quality, slick design, comfortable fit and durable, these headphones are easy to stash and plug into anything.

If in-ear headphones are your preference then grab these Sennheiser CXZ 300-II In ear Headphones while there’s £10 off! There’s a pleasantly surprising powerful bass for the size – of which there are three ear adapters to choose from – together with asymmetrical cable for on-the-go wear and convenience.

iPad Mini and Kobo eReader

We know it’s a bit pricey but on holiday an Apple iPad Mini 16GB with WiFi will save the day if it’s raining, your flight is delayed or your magazine ended up in the swimming pool. You can download movies to buy or rent from iTunes which you can watch offline not to mention the plethora of apps you can get to keep you entertained. You’ll need a WiFi connection to access the internet but most hotels offer this service in rooms or lobby at the very least.

If you’re a bookworm on holiday and you haven’t already invested in an eReader, now is the time. At just 5 inches, the Kobo Mini is the world’s smallest and lightest eReader making it perfect for travelling. You won’t get any glare with this screen either, not even in direct sunlight. Don’t be put off by the size if you need glasses to read, the Kobo Mini is customisable so you can adjust the settings to your own preferences. With over 1 million free eBooks available, we think it’s about time that tattered Jilly Cooper swam out to sea.

TomTom and Samsung Digital Camera

Anyone who has looked into hiring a car abroad knows how expensive adding a Sat Nav to the package can be (over £10 a day in most cases). That said, when faced with the prospect of getting lost in the South of France with no map and C-grade GCSE French skills, we are willing to pay up for peace of mind. Instead of that, think longer term and get a Sat Nav you can use at home and abroad. Now with free Lifetime Maps, the TomTom Start 25 EU Satellite Navigation Unit will take the hassle out of figuring out where you are.

Last, but certainly not least is the old faithful holiday staple point-and-shoot digital camera. You might usually use your phone for taking pictures but on holiday, it’s a lot less risky to have a camera on stand by for those comedy shots than it is a mobile phone. With £50 off and a multi-buy deal for a half price case and memory card, the Samsung ST150F 16 Megapixel Digital Camera is the amazing value for under £100.

Now, where’s that suntan lotion? x



12th May 2013
Written by Very_Lauren

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