How to dress for an English summer

I can’t believe this time last week I was at a friend’s house chilling in the garden, basking in the sun and getting enough sun to bring out my completely forgotten about freckles!

I was looking forward to getting out my summer outfits and, to be honest, purchasing some new items – a couple of maxi dresses and maxi skirts as well as floral print dresses and cute pumps! However, growing up in Britain I held off purchasing my 2013 summer wardrobe as I knew it was too good to be true and guess what? I was right.

Less than 48 hours later and it was grey, windy and wet and people around the Very HQ were sporting winter coats, boots and layers…lots and lots of layers. So, how do you dress for a British summer?

Here are my top tips for battling this dreary weather.

Don’t be afraid to introduce colour

The weather is miserable enough without you wearing head-to-toe black or a combination of black, charcoal, black black and steel grey. I love bright colours and they can really brighten up your day. You don’t have to drown yourself in colour, but you could introduce a coloured shirt, printed scarf or a pair of colourful jeans.

Make an umbrella a handbag staple

You should know by now that an umbrella is a must have in this country – that’s probably why we have so many options to choose from. You can even take note from the point above and introduce some colour to your outfit with a colourful umbrella.

Return of the mac

Although it might be warming up – even by just a few precious degrees – it’s still nowhere near warm enough to go out without an all important layer. Macs are perfect for all occasions this rainy season and are available in all kinds of colours, styles and prints.

Save your suede

Be careful of what fabrics you choose to wear and remember, whilst leather, pleather and rubber are fine, suede is definitely not so leave your textile shoes and bags in your warm, dry home! Water can ruin many fabrics so even if you’re wearing your favourite leather pistol boots, remember to treat it with a protector first.

Give your look some welly!

Thanks to Hunter, wellies remain a hot trend. I love Hunters, absolutely love them and so, it appears, does everyone else – from the Royals to the royals of the runway, everyone from Kate Middleton to Kate Moss seems to own a pair.

Available in every colour, a range of patterns, socks and in a high and low-cut, these rain boots are perfect for wearing to and from the office.

Here are some rainy day outfit ideas…

1. Love Label bandeau floral print dress

2. Love Label animal print pac-a-mac

3. South ankle grazer jeans in coral

4. Fearne Cotton Ditsy trim mac

5. Hunter neon tall festival wellies

6. South sleeveless longline shirt

7. Clarks Jilli Breeze Leather Pumps

8. Hunter Romilly pumps

Love Laura x

21st May 2013
Written by Laura_Loves