Insider Photos Of The Great Gatsby Cannes Premiere And Party

The Great Gatsby, probably the most decadent movie this year, is now officially in cinemas around the country and it has opened in style in Cannes! The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most glamorous events of the year so it was the perfect place for The Great Gatsby, which is all about extravagance and excess.

British star Carey Mulligan looked so at home on the red carpet with her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio – she’s done so well! It’s fantastic to see a British woman in one of the biggest movies of all time and the white dress she picked really made her stand out even more. There were no black dresses on the red carpet at all – there was white, there were printed dresses and then there was Isla Fisher in a red dress with an embellished train. What do you think?

Isla plays Leo’s main love interest in the film, and her character is scheming and dramatic. Maybe that’s why she picked the scarlet dress? It’s a role which we haven’t seen her play before and it shows her talent as an actress.

Talking of talent. Lana Del Ray provided one of the songs in the movie soundtrack showcasing her deep, soulful vocals. She’s not used to dressing for film premieres but she did well with a printed dress and check out those earrings!

Nicole Kidman is in Cannes as a festival judge so we’re going to be seeing a lot more of her on the red carpet. It’s tough for Nicole, she needs to find at least 14 glam dresses if she wants to make an impact each night. She definitely started things well in a striking multi-colour dress.

Once the red carpet and the film were finished, there had to be an after-party and I have a few images of the room where it was held inside the Palais Des Festivals in Cannes.

As the film is set in the 1920s, there was a grand Titanic style stage with entertainers dressed in period costume. And no expense was spared as there was a themed dinner and gallons and gallons of Champagne. Also, check out the lighting which was built especially for the occasion.

The Great Gatsby was just the first night of the Cannes film festival, which lasts for two weeks. I’m hoping there is even more extravagance to come. Stay tuned!

And are you going to be watching the movie? I highly recommend it.

Love Zoex

21st May 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin