Hey, I’m Kirsty from Fashion for Lunch I love fun fashion! I love colour, I love putting colours together and playing around with jewellery and accessories. I love painting my nails to match and clash with my clothes, and I love using jewellery to add pops of colour onto an already colourful outfit. I spend my money as wisely as I can, I love the high street, vintage and designer and I mix it all up to see what happens.

This season I have fallen in love with neons, Neon pink, yellow, orange… I just can’t get enough of it. Even neon nail polish! I love it, bright colours always make me feel happy, but neons are even more fun! I’m not sure if I will want to wear neons forever, or even in the winter, so I have been careful not to over spend on the trend. Love Label at Very have had some incredible neons this season! I have loved layering neons on neons, as well as toning them down with black, floral prints and muted tones and then adding in some neon necklaces!


Very invited me to do a 5 day neon challenge using Love Label clothing, what a great excuse to wear neon every single day! I loved mixing up with colours and prints, making it look smarter on some days and more casual on others. It was such a fun challenge and it’s amazing how versatile neons are and how great they make you feel!



This is a skater dress layered up with a short sleeve top, it’s still not summer yet, so I need to keep warm! I love the casual feel of the top with the tiny dots of neon and yellow, it matches the necklace perfectly, so I couldn’t resist wearing them together! My nails match the pink in the print of the dress (worn as a skirt) and the boots match the grey in the top and help tone down the neon and keep the look casual.

 DAY 2

I fell in love with this printed shirt as soon as I saw it! I love the coloured details against the black. I think it’s a great example of how neon can look smart. I love the colour tones in this shirt, it’s just so pretty. The coral skirt matches the shirt beautifully, and I added in the neon necklace just for an extra splash of colour. The tropical print shoes are so pretty and again, they match my nails!

 DAY 3

I love the this flowered top so much, the print is such a pretty digital print, but I also love the shape of it. It has a high neck at the front, low at the back and has a bit of a fishtail. It is really pretty and flattering! I could have worn this top in so many ways, but I loved it with the multicoloured leopard print dress. The shape of the top looks great with the 50s style skirt of the dress. I love the silhouette it creates and I think it looks really fun! No outfit is complete with a little jewellery and this necklace looks great with the print!

I couldn’t resist matching the leopard print of the dress with these killer leopard print boots! I fell In love with these boots as soon as I saw them because they are fierce! I love them!

 DAY 4

I had to match this pink top with the yellow necklace, the colours really popped! I love pink and yellow together!  The green shirt is actually a dress,  but I thought it looked really great work open with a belt over it. The green tones down the bright pink and yellow and I loved the neon trim.

I wore it with a plain black skirt I have had for years, I love the way the shirt dress hangs below my skirt. I can’t get enough of wearing those leopard print boots!!! I felt smart but fun that day!

 DAY 5

This is a more casual look, I loved the multicoloured skater dress, but I was cold that day and I really loved the dress with the neon laser cut sweatshirtThe sweatshirt is really oversized so it felt really comfortable and casual, especially when worn with the flat boots. I love the cut out squares In it, it just makes it look much cooler. I loved wearing this outfit as I love the colours but it also felt really casual and easy to wear.

A great way to start wearing neon is with nail polish and jewellery, next thing you know you will be wearing it every day! Could you take the 5 day neon challenge? Give it a go, I think you will fall in love with it!

24th May 2013
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Graham Copsey 25 May 2013

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