Save Space – Holiday Packing

Holiday packing, we’ve all been there before, a overflowing suitcase which struggles to zip up and we haven’t even departed yet! How will I fit anything else in here we ponder. To me, packing a suitcase is like putting together a puzzle. Picking the right suitcase is crucial to the success of your packing. If you’re used to overflowing then choose an expandable fabric suitcase like this Antler Tourlite II Large 2 Wheeled Rollercase, it really allows you to stretch it out, hard skin suitcases don’t do no stretching. If you’re a trendy packer then the Revelation By Antler Zygo Large 82cm Rollercase and Revelation By Antler Zygo Medium 4 Wheel Rollercase may suit you better, stylish and practical.


1. Always ROLL your clothes! That includes and tops, skirts and beach dresses, not only does this save space, it also stops your clothes getting creased. If you’re seriously struggling, try vaccuum storage bags, it sucks the air out of the bag making your clothes as flat as a pancake, but beware, a serious iron will be needed.

2. Try your outfits on. Im sure we’ve all taken clothed that we never actually wear so try on EVERY outfit, this will minimise wasted space on things we don’t actually need to take.

3. Pack no more than 3 pairs of shoes. All you need is a good flip flop, a pair of flat trainers for any activities and a pair of heels/wedges for evening. Of course, wear the bulkiest thing onto the plane = more space in your suitcase.

4. When it comes to beauty products, we all know how heavy and bulky things can be. Instead, take samples, travel sized items and if your still struggling, forget it, buy it on your holiday instead. This Nivea Sun Travel Kit is perfect.

5. Pack like your packing a jigsaw puzzle. Every space and hole is space for more items. Pack your jewellery into your trainers, underwear in any long sleeves, vest tops rolled up into your hat and so on..

6. REMEMBER to security proof your suitcase if you’re taking it as hand luggage, i.e take out your tweezers/scissors etc, it’s no fun trying to pack the puzzle again in front of hundreds of holiday goers and remember to keep your sunglasses in your bag, keep your peepers safe at all times!


Remember to always check your weight and baggage allowance with the airline before you start any packing

30th May 2013
Written by Very_Rachel