Star Trek Premiere: Geek Chic And Gossip

Since when did sci-fi become so glamorous? The Star Trek premiere showed that geek chic is officially in as the leading ladies Zoe Saldana and Alice Eve had stunning dresses on the red carpet…and leading men Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto looked rather stylish too in their suits. Talk about a big-budget premiere as it happened in not one but two venues. I attended one at the Empire in Leicester Square but after walking the red carpet there the stars dashed across the capital to attend another at the IMAX cinema near Waterloo. This doesn’t usually happen!

The stars are really earning their wages with the promotional duties for this film. Jet-setting around the world and still keeping up the energy levels in terms of looking good for the cameras and talking to reporters on the red carpet, not to mention spending time with fans and autograph hunters. First of all, I was so impressed by Alice Eve’s bandeau bodycon dress.

British star Alice played Charlotte’s sexy nanny in Sex and The City 2 but this role in Star Trek is her biggest role to date and she is loving it. She said she cried when she found out she had the part. Bless!

However, Zoe Saldana is a bit more of a strong, feisty woman and she kept her look fierce with a striking monochrome dress.

Zoe enjoys fashion and shared her attitude to clothes with us – dressing up and dressing down: 

QS: How do you dress for the day?

ZOE: ‘I’m a jeans girl. Oh my God, I have way too many! Stacks and stacks. It’s embarrassing, but I just love jeans; I can never have enough.’

QS: How do you pick a red carpet outfit?

ZOE: ‘I’m from New York so I like New York designers. When I’m in New York, I walk down the street and find myself complimenting everybody. I like when people put things together because they felt like it, not because they wanted to impress someone. You can always tell when someone is dressing for other people, but I just love when people dress for themselves. And London fashion has an edgy feel to it, I think.’

QS: And finally, how would you sum up your style?

ZOE: “Whatever I wake up feeling I want to wear, even if that’s white jeans after Labor Day I’ll wear it. I follow my heart with everything I do, from the choices I make in films to the books I want to read to the people I surround myself with—and the way I dress.”

Star Trek: Into Darkness is in cinemas on. Why not dress up when you see it – after all, we’ve seen sci-fi can mean stylish!

Love Zoex

3rd May 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin