The Voice Battle Rounds – Fights, Tears And Drama

Wow, what a weekend of gripping TV on The Voice! I especially loved the Cat Fight between ex Cleopatra singer Cleo Higins and girl band Nu-Tarna – it looked like they were going to get physical! In this episode there was a lot of tactical play by the judges – especially Will.I.Am – as they did not always pick the best singer because they assumed that the one they rejected would get taken by one of the other judges. Unlike last year, if a contestant gets dropped by a judge then one of the other judges can ‘steal them’.

The poor contestants had to go through the trauma of battling with another singer on stage and then genuinely not knowing if they would get picked – it was intense! It was also quite hard to track down who went through and who didn’t. So I’ve picked the most memorable battles with the people to keep an eye on and rounded up the gossip below. Let the drama commence!


The first duo to battle on Saturday night set the tone of what was to come as Will.I.Am picked suited and booted Jordan (above right) over the cool crooner Matt (above left), even though Matt put in a brilliant performance. In the end, Matt was picked up by Jessie J and Will said that was his plan all along – to make sure that both artists went through somehow. Tactical!


This was by far the most dramatic fight of all. It was not so much a battle, more like a war as the girls tried to out-sing each other. In the end, Jessie J stuck her fingers in her ears as there was so much noise. Will ended up picking Cleo for her control and nobody tried to steal Nu-Tarna. Sometimes being bitchy does not help, the girls looked great in their bright shirts and multi-coloured dresses but they should have toned down their voices.


Larger than life singer Ash Morgan has a totally different sound to rocker Adam Barron but Jessie J chose these two singers to fight each other, because she said they were both the least confident members of her team. She asked Ash whether he could win it or not and he hesitated, but she ended up picking him anyway. Long-haired rocker Adam Barron was stolen by Tom Jones so they’re both through. Adam in his tight jeans has a real strut on stage – he would learn a lot from Tom.


Jessie’s girls were given the  Katy Perry song ET, which made both of them emotional.  Sarah, the 31 year old beauty queen put lots of pressure on herself, saying that she was worried about her age and this might be her last chance. However, quirky retro singer Katie was also concerned about being young (she’s 21) as she knew Sarah had more experience. It was a dramatic battle – Sarah wearing a white dress and Katie wearing a black dress and we did not know who Jessie would pick.  In the end, experience proved to be the key and Jessie chose the older singer, Sarah. Drama!


It was a battle between the partially sighted Andrea and the stunning blonde Hollyoaks actress Alice Barlow that seemed like an odd match. They couldn’t look any different so it really was all about the voice. Danny picked the emotional song People Help The People by Birdy and this really suited Andrea’s voice, who is more sweet and innocent. In her short shorts, leggy Alice admitted she is used to playing characters and roles rather than showing a vulnerable side and so Andrea won and Alice, one of the best looking girls, is now out of the show.

What was your favourite battle of the weekend? The next time we’ll see these contestants is in 2 weeks time on 25 May when the live shows start. I can’t wait!

Love Zoex


13th May 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin