The Voice: The Final Contestants Make It Through Blind Auditions

The auditions stages of BBC talent show The Voice have officially finished in the toughest week yet. The singing contestants had to have a unique element to their voices as well as the tone and pitch the judges normally look for in order to fill the gaps in the teams. Will.i.Am and Jessie J both told singers in this episode they liked their voice but they sounded too similar to someone else they’d already picked. Harsh!

But the spots were filled and the talent that went through this week battled for their places in style. Here’s the top five:

CJ Edwards

Will.I.Am turned round for this star right at the last minute. CJ was the last performer on the weekend’s episode so the pressure was on but Will said he was impressed by CJ’s individual twist on the song he chose. By day CJ is a charity campaigner and you can see how going on the Voice and performing to millions of people will literally change his world. Bless!

Abi Sampa

Abi works with mouths, but other people’s – she’s a dentist! However, she could soon be giving up her day job as the judges were stunned and amazed by her Indian twist on an Oasis rock song. She played her clothes safe with a black day dress but her voice carried her through! She’s now in team Danny, who told her her voice was ‘haunting’.

John Pritchard

The fashion stylist sang the song Wicked Game. Jessie J criticised his diction but Will.I.Am stuck up for him, saying Elvis never had good diction. John is now in team Will, who was also impressed by what he said were ‘ fresh clothes’ when he spun his chair round and saw John’s bright multi-coloured shirt!

Letitia Grant Brown

The 17-year-old sang a belting version of ‘Bust your Windows’ that had Jessie gushing praise. She said that the young performer was the reason she came on to coach the show. Jessie and Letitia – in her cool causal vest top and leggings – look well matched as a pair. Id love to see them duet.

Moni Tivony

What a name! The ginger haired singer is from Essex but Will said his name and his voice sound like he is ‘Jewmaican’ – a very Will way of phrasing things!  All the judges turned round for Moni’s version of No Woman, No Cry but he ended up picking Will.i.Am, as Will impressed him with his cheeky banter. Moni and Will together could develop a unique sound, which I’m very much looking forward to. And they both have great glasses.

Next week we’ll see all the contestants  who’ve made it through so far do a ‘surprise task’. Sounds intriguing! Will you be tuning in?

Love Zoex

7th May 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin