Big Brother 2013: Gossip From Launch Night 2013

Big Brother is a part of British summer on the level as Wimbledon tennis and Pimms in the park and now it is back for another series. Bring it on! I can guarantee there is more drama then ever this year as I was at Elstree studios for the launch night. Check out the view I had from the front row. Emma Willis looked incredible in a bodycon dress and towering stilletos:

This year, the house is looking really new and is filled to the brim with fab furnishings and bits and bobs from It took 20 weeks to build it (and install the very cool new furniture) and for the first time ever there is two floors. The diary room is upstairs! There are also lots of TVs inside the house, although we don’t yet know what will be on the screens. Exciting!

All we know so far is that there are some new housemates and judging from the boors and cheers, I can sort of predict who is going to be popular. Here’s what went on at the launch night:

Calum Knell

Calum is a PE teacher and the ladies man of the house. He got boos from the crowd when he went in as he admitted sleeping with more than 2000 women.

Sallie Axl

Mother of one Sophie is a heavily tattooed glamour model. She was the first woman to enter the house and told the crowd she is going to be a bitch. That will make good tv, I hope she keeps her promise! I also wonder if she will take her hat off…

Dexter Koh

Dexter is a former paparrazi photographer so he should know how to work the cameras. Let’s see how he copes being the other side of them.

Sophie Lawrence

Sallie is a straight-talking blonde who reminds me a bit of former winner Josie Gibson. She describes herself as a daddy’s girl but she’s also tough enough to stand up on her own two feet and defend herself. She’s my favourite housemate so far.

Sam Evans

Sam looks a tiny bit like Harry Styles from 1 Direction so there was a lot of screaming from the girls in the crowd when he emerged from the Big Brother Eye. He’s partially deaf but he’s also very fit – he once competed for the team GB football team.

Jemima Slade

Jemima runs a matchmaking dating website for women looking for rich older men to date. Will she do the same inside the house? Hope so. At 41, she’s one of the oldest housemates!

Jack and Joe Glenny

Identical twins Jack and Joe describe themselves as fat, funny and friendly. They were the first to enter the house and the crowd outside were slightly bemused. These two checkout workers just look so normal!

Wolfy Millington

Wolfy looks like a unique character! She’s a mackerel fisherwoman and has a tattoo of a mackerel (the fish!) on her leg. She’s madly in love with her long-term girlfriend so the question is can she stick it out and not get homesick?

AND…Michael the actor

We don’t know too much about Michael yet. He’s an actor who has been placed in the house to make life more interesting for us. We will get the chance to vote how he should behave. Nice twist…

Six more housemates, including a mother and daughter will go in to the Big Brother House this weekend. We’ll bring you more gossip as we get it.

Love Zoex

14th June 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin