Capital Radio Summertime Ball: Backstage Gossip

Wembley Arena was celebrity studded at the weekend for Capital radio’s annual summertime ball. Wow! Gangnam Style singer Psy got everyone dancing to his new hit Gentlemen, Justin Timberlake had a few people fainting with his general hotness and then there was the fashion. Oh wow, were the legs on show at Wembley!

Below I’ve picked the top five outfits and there’s a bit of gossip about each star too. The sun didn’t really come out but the atmosphere was scorching.

Taylor Swift

Taylor looked incredible, showing off her legs in black shorts and mixing it with a white blouse so she didn’t look too tarty. Taylor’s got such a fab figure she could wear anything but she said she was aware of how many children were in the audience and she wants to be a good role model. It’s rare that a star actually thinks like that, she’s so responsible. Taylor also revealed she is still single…but with legs like that, surely not for long?

Jessie J

Jessie showed off a slim frame in black shorts – she’s definitely lost a bit of weight recently. I wondered if it could be stress because of The Voice as there are rumours she is not getting on with her co-judges this year. However, Jessie said that was ridiculous and she’s loving it more than ever. She said she gets a kick out of helping talented young singers get noticed. Bless!

Ellie Goulding

Ellie was the third celeb to rock the black shorts, showing off a figure that is the result of a lot of long-distance running. Ellie says her secret is running at least five times in the week, wherever she is she packs her trainers and aims to get outside (and failing that the hotel gym). It’s certainly paying off!

Ella Henderson

X Factor runner up Ella really stood out! That was partly because she was wearing a dress when most of the other stars were in shorts, but also because she was an unexpected addition to the line-up. She came on to help Labrinth sing BeneathYour Beautiful, taking over from the Emeli Sande lyrics. Not many newcomers would be brave enough to take on an Emeli Sande tune but Ella’s efforts left the crowd cheering her name for ages. She’s going to do well when she releases solo stuff, if that’s anything to go by.


A.M.E joined Duke Dumont on stage and they also got people jumping up and down and grooving to their tune Need U. That has to be one of the anthems of the summer and A.M.E, looking spectacular in a mesh black top and a black going out skirt, said she is 100% ready. She’s a girl after our own hearts as she revealed she was looking forward to performing all this summer and has a different outfit for each time. A girl can’t wear the same thing twice…

Who did you think looked the best? It looks like black shorts are the thing to wear this summer!

Love Zoex

12th June 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin