festival phone and camera

Festival Tech You Can’t Live Without

It’s that time of year again when we say boo to showering and yay to straw hats, face paint, crowd surfing and roughing it. Yes, it’s festival time and if you’re going to one, here are the tech essentials you can’t leave the house without.

First and foremost is your phone situation. All you will really need it for is locating your mates. It would be nice to post Instagrams of your tent falling down but the chances of your smartphone being stolen/lost/drenched are unfortunately extremely high. There’s also the problem of how to charge it. If you don’t have insurance on your smartphone, we strongly recommend you get a cheap alternative that will last the duration and won’t cause a meltdown if it goes AWOL.

The Nokia 100 Mobile Phone is the perfect solution. It’s unlocked and works with Orange, O2, Vodafone and T-Movbile sims  but you will need an adapter for a micro sim which costs under £2. The best part about this phone despite its hi-vis colour scheme is the talk time which is ridiculous – 35 days! So you don’t have to worry about it running out of battery. Problem solved.

Because you won’t have your smartphone, you’ll need a camera too. Again, nothing too expensive. At £99, the Samsung DV151F 16.2 Megapixel Digital Camera – Plum is great. This camera’s most outstanding feature is the Beauty Palette which lets you pick between 7 make-up looks that cover up blemishes, smooths skin tone and does touch ups. This truly is a festival-friendly point and shoot that will ensure you don’t look as unwashed as you will probably smell.

Festival audio equipment

We know you’re there for the music (and the ‘experience’ of course) but you can’t be up at the stage all the time. When it all gets a bit much it would be nice to have some down time in your tent listening to your own music. Take an Apple iPod Nano 16Gb Pink filled with a selection of different music genres for all kinds of moods.

When you want some me-time, these Skullcandy INKD In Ear Headphones White are ideal and when you’re getting ready, you’ll need a Nokia Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black. You can play music wirelessly via Bluetooth or hook up a device to the audio jack. There’s a long lasting rechargeable battery too so you’ll get plenty of use out of it post-festival.

Lantern and heater for camping

We cannot express how easy it will be to get lost in the mind-blowing amount of tents you’ll need to negotiate before you find yours. If you’re going for a wander at night, take this Vango Camping Lantern with you just in case.

Last but certainly not least, British weather being what it is, if you feel the cold a Lichfield Butane Heater is what you need to take the chill off. Nothing is fun when you’re cold and wet.

With these festival tech essentials you can’t go wrong. Have fun x


25th June 2013
Written by Very_Lauren