Hooray!  Summer rears its sunny head at last!!  Last week saw me packing away my winter clothes and bringing out my summer outfits, however my wardrobe was looking decidedly drab to say the least!

I think its time to invest in some summer brights!  Stand out in the crowd with this yellow Fearne Cotton Neon Heart Sweater and say hello sunshine!!

Pair with your favourite black skinny jeans and black sandals for a simple, graphic look or with some denim blue cut-off shorts and high-top converse for a fun summer vibe!

Love Jess x

5th June 2013
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: ben hamblett 6 June 2013

Hi I would love this laptop it is good one i am a bit of a techno freek and i stream alot and play games this will be dead good

Posted by: jayne hough 5 June 2013

I would use it to enter competitions to win a holiday because I haven’t had a holiday for three years

Posted by: had jap singh 5 June 2013

I would use it for college work