All your ghd questions answered!

Last week we had the lovely girls from ghd at Very HQ talking through all their products and doing demos on us girls.  We managed to grab them to answer some of our Facebook customer questions……………

Q: I have long thick hair, which styler would you recommend and do you have any styling tips?

A: ghd IV Classic Styler is perfect for your hair. If your hair is long and thick use smaller sections and move the styler at a slower speed through the hair to create a stronger curl.

STYLE TIP – Spray ghd Curl Hold Spray on to a paddle brush and work through the hair this will ensure that the spray reaches all of the hair and not just sit on top.

Q: I’m on holiday in Mexico and the humidity is not good for straightened hair I only have a shoulder length bob with a fringe what can I do.?

A: Rather than focus on keeping your hair straight in humidity you should focus on working texture into the hair using the twist and dry method.

  • Take large sections of hair
  • Apply ghd Straight and Tame cream
  • Twist the hair to form long spirals
  • Using the ghd Air and NEW diffuser (soon to be in stock) lightly diffuse the hair trying not to disturb the spirals until they are dry.
  • Apply ghd Smooth and Finish Serum on to your hands and apply like hand cream.
  • Rake fingers through the hair to break up spirals to form loose Mexican tussles.


Q: Is there a mini styler? My hair is short and wavy and I would like to help define the curl more.

A: ghd do have mini stylers available however have you tried the ghd IV Classic Styler? This will easily do the job you are looking for as well as offer more versatility.  Curl the hair clockwise and anti-clockwise in alternate sections to give more of a textured wave rather than form uniform curls.

Q: I love my styler for the sleek and smooth effect but struggle achieving volume, how can use it to get some extra volume in my hair?

A: Voluminous straight hair can be achieved by using a technique called Brush and Bevel.  Straighten the hair as you normally would but through with a ghd Natural Bristle Brush size 4. While the hair is still hot it will take on the shape of the brush adding volume and the natural bristles on the brush will add shine.

STYLE TIP – To create more volume when drying or straightening your hair – pull up not down!

Q: How do you use the styler to create perfect curls. Everytime I try I end up with strange right angles?

A: To get the party hair look:

  • Part the hair down the centre all the way to the nape of the neck.
  • Take a section from the front of the hairline to the nape of the neck.
  • Using ghd Curl Hold Spray lightly mist the hair.
  • Putting the styler in at the root twist 180 degrees – your thumb will start off on top of the styler and after rotating will be on the bottom.
  • Hold the loose piece of hair and push the styler diagonally across the hair forming a ‘V’ shape and leave curl to cool.
  • Repeat all the way up hair line.
  • Spritz the ghd Paddle Brush with ghd Final Shine Spray and brush curl into a beautiful wave.

Caring for your ghd

If there are marks on the plates of your ghd stylers it is probably product build up and is easily removed.

Don’t wet your ghd stylers!

When your ghd stylers are warm (cool to touch) rub the plates with a lightly dampened piece of cotton wool

For videos of step by step guides on how to get the most out of your ghd’s check out the ghd YouTube channel.

24th July 2013
Written by Very_Lauren

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