Celebrity Style Steal: Sienna Miller Shows Boho Is Back

Yummy Mummy Sienna Miller manages to make popping to the shops look glamorous. She was one of the original pioneers of the boho chic style and she’s still leading the way now. I love the black and white and grey maxi dress, which looks really comfortable due to its jersey fabric, but is also a lot smarter than jeans.

Her dress is very similar to the Vila lins maxi dress, and if you want to wear it with sandals like Sienna then check out the South patron leather gladiator wedgette sandals. However, you could also glam it up a bit for the evenings with heels and a belt.

With the weather all hot and sunny, everyone needs some cool shades and the celebrities love their Raybans. It looks to me like Sienna has a pair of the pink Rayban Matt Wayfarer sunglasses. She’s currently back at work making a new movie with Channing Tatum and Steve Carrell about professional wrestling so she’s going to need those glasses even more when the movie’s released and her profile starts to grow again. Exciting times for her!

I’m glad the boho trend is making a comeback. This is one look that’s easy to wear but still feminine. Thanks Sienna!

Love Zoex

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11th July 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: Clare Connolly-Joyce 17 July 2013

The parka is awesome and the beautiful black swing dress!!!

Posted by: rachel g 17 July 2013

Couldnt comment on a specific item the whole design is fab love everything georgeous

Posted by: Pam Chivers 12 July 2013

I love the jersey maxi dress & the mirrored dip hem dress which would both look lovely with the orange clog sandals!! (Hmmm don’t think I can narrow it down to one item!!)