Exclusive Interview: Vanessa Hudgens At Frozen Ground Premiere

Vanessa Hudgens has totally thrown off her High School Musical image now – her new film Frozen Ground shows she can tackle a serious, gritty and emotional role. It’s completely different to the last movie she did recently, Spring Break, showing that Vanessa has the ability to transform herself for a part. At the premiere of Frozen Ground, in which she stars with Hollywood heavyweight Nicolas Cage, I caught up with her on the red carpet and here’s what she has to say about fashion and style inspiration.

Q: What’s your fashion style?

VANESSA: “My style changes like my hair. I find that if I have short hair I am more experimental and if I have long hair, I’m more bohemian with loose skirts and kaftans.”

Q: What is it right now?

VANESSA: ‘The hair extensions are in again. So I am a bohemian gypsy. I like maxi skirts, maxi dresses and jumpsuits.”

Q: Who’s your style icon?

VANESSA: “If I could go back in time, I’d be front row for Janis Joplin at Woodstock!  I love anything festival related. The first time I went to Coachella, I thought, ‘This is heaven.’ You just feel completely free. I’m going to go every single year until I die.”

Q: What do you wear to festivals?

VANESSA: “What I like about festivals is you are free to wear whatever you want. Just remember some sunglasses.”

Q: Tell us about the new movie?

VANESSA: ‘The first time I saw it I did have some moments where I was like, ‘Why are you making those faces Vanessa?’ It’s quite gritty and there are some pretty scary moments.”

Frozen Ground is about the real life hunt for serial killer Robert Hansen with Nicolas playing the determined cop and Vanessa playing a teenager that escapes the killer and then gets caught again. Drama! It’s released on 19 July and I totally recommend it.

Love Zoex

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18th July 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin