Run + Sun = Fun!

Summer is the perfect time to take up running. It’s good for you, it gets you out in the sunshine and can even help you achieve your dream beach body. Here’s my advice to anyone out there keen to take up the sport but need a few tips on where to start and what sportswear you might need.

It’s all about the shoes

Having the right trainers is vital to being able to run comfortably and prevent injury. The shape of your feet, your build and running style can all really effect the way that you run, so the right trainers can mean the difference between running for miles and limping along in last place. Different brands have a range of different shapes and sizes and the writers at Very HQ have helped explain all the different technologies to get the most comfortable fit, check out our styles here. It’s also good to go for some bright, beautiful shoes. You’re far more likely to keep it up if you can look good while you’re at it!

Map out your route

Planning a rough route before you head out gives you an idea of the distance and also means you won’t get lost. Early morning running is perfect for new starters as the streets are empty and you tend to have the place to yourself, other than fellow runners of course. There are some great apps available, such as Route Loops, to help you plan runs around your area.

Ready, steady, stretch

Warming up and stretching after a run is vital to keeping fit and healthy. It helps prevent pulled muscle and reduce the risk of long term injuries, so always walk for a few minutes before hand and spend time stretching after. You’ll feel much better for it the next day.

 Don’t give up!

Even if you only manage to run for 30 seconds, don’t be disheartened. Now you have a starting point, so next time you head out aim to run for a full minute, then 2. Small steps will always get you far in the end. Keep track of your running, the Polar Beat app is perfect for this, and in a month or two you’ll be amazed at your progress.

Set yourself a challenge

Signing up for an event will certainly keep you going. Trust me on this one! There are a huge range of runs throughout the country, from the Race For Life 5 kilometres to the 13 mile Bupa Great North Run in Newcastle. If you’re really up for a challenge why not join me at a Tough Mudder event. Held throughout the country they are gruelling obstacle courses designed by the Special Forces. Not for the faint hearted, but it’ll certainly make you work out! Remember to give yourself time to train and if you rope in some friends you’ll try a lot harder. No one wants to be the only one left behind on race day.

Now you can get out there, get moving and enjoy the summer!

See you at the starting line, Aimee x

7th July 2013
Written by Very_Lauren