Exclusive Interview: Jennifer Aniston Centre Stage At We’re The Millers Premiere

Jennifer Aniston looked blooming lovely in a floral coloured dress at the London premiere of We Are The Millers. Her co-star Jason Sudelkis (who plays her husband in the film) and Will Poulter (who plays their son) scrubbed up ok but it was Jennifer that looked cute and feminine. It’s a complete change from her role in the film – she plays a sexy stripper. Jennifer is one of the rare few Hollywood stars that looks amazing and is also a warm, friendly and down to earth woman – as you will be able to see from our Q&A below.

First, here is a full length at her premiere dress in full:


QS; How did you cope with stripping off?

JENNIFER: “I doubled my bras,” she said. “I had a thong and then two pairs of underwear. Why I thought that was going to help protect anything is beyond me. Because, that’s just like ridiculous. … I was like, ‘No, I need three bras! I need three bras because God forbid that one, if it’s gonna escape!’”

QS:What about all the physical moves?

JENNIFER: “The only part I was concerned about was that I had knee surgery a month ago a month and a half ago. So it wasn’t so much the lingerie, it was the fact that I couldn’t get all the way down!”

QS: Did it make you feel more or less body confident?

JENNIFER: “You can undo a lot of things,” she said. “If you’re not happy, you can become happy. Happiness is a choice. That’s the thing I really feel. Like with friends who refuse to get happy, who refuse to rise above the discomfort of where they’re at. … And once you meet yourself, and truly love yourself, then you attract that”

QS; I hear there are some references to Friends in the movie – how?

JENNIFER: “Friends fans need to watch the end credits of the movie, that’s all I’m saying.”

QS: Why would someone enjoy this movie?

JENNIFER: “I think it’s funny, it brings you laughter and joy and we all need more of that in our lives. I’m very proud of it.”

We’re The Millers opens in cinemas in the UK on 23 August. Let us know what you think of it!

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15th August 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin