Often mistaken for diamonds,  Moissanite is a truly unique jewel  with more brilliance, fire and lustre than any other,  at a fraction of the price. Moissanite is regarded worldwide as an excellent fine jewel, with some optical properties even exceeding those of diamond! It is also ethically produced, making it a very popular alternative to diamonds. has an extensive range of Moissanite jewellery with lots of gorgeous pieces for you to choose from.  Our fantastic ring collection is truly magnificent and with rings starting from £207 (with offer) you might find the perfect engagement ring! Or why not treat yourself to a stunning pendant or earrings because for a limited period we are offering 20% off all Moissanite.

Each Moissanite jewel has a lifetime warranty  and your jewellery will be commissioned and made to order by outstanding craftsmen and presented in a deluxe box to match the quality of the jewellery.

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6th August 2013
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Casian 15 May 2014

May I be candid in my aesnwr? One year I gift-wrapped myself. I had my robe on and after dinner he asked me where his other present was I’m sure you can figure out the rest. I apologize if this embarrassed you, just wanted to give you an experience I had and shared.