The 10 First Date Commandments


First dates are always nerve wracking, as the lovely girls on ITV2’s Girlfriends prove! Where should you go? What should you wear? And worst of all… what if you don’t get on?  But fear not, us lovely lot at Very have all experienced these trials and tribulations and I’ve come up with the top 10 commandments for dating.

Thou shalt pick the perfect venue

Pick somewhere that’s quiet enough to chat, but not somewhere that’s rife with awkward silences. A local bar or pub is perfect for a relaxed atmosphere. Then if it’s going well you can move off to a restaurant or if he’s just not your type you can politely drop out.

Thou shalt not Facebook stalk

As tempting as it is, don’t Google him. There’s no need for you to see all of his drunken uni pictures and find out that he has an unhealthy addiction to cheesy 80’s pop. Finding out all about him is what a first date is for, so stay away from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or risk ruining the magic.

Thou shalt dress to impress

But always wear something you’re comfortable in, there’s no point donning those killer stilettos if you’re just going to end up hobbling around all night. Check out Laura’s guide to first date dressing and you’ll soon have it sussed.

Thou shalt give him a chance

Try not to be too superficial. So what if he’s doing the double denim look or his hair is distinctly 90’s. Personality is the thing that always wins a girl over, so listen to his jokes and don’t write him off until you’re sure there’s nothing there.

Thou shalt put the phone away

No updating your status, tweeting your friends and instagraming your cocktail. Put the phone down and focus, you might be missing his funniest stories and wittiest banter.

  Thou shalt not have too much to drink

A few drinks is sociable, but too many and your witty banter will be lost in slurred words and maniacal laughter. Plus you want to be able to remember every detail to tell the girls the next day!

Thou shalt not get too serious

Keep the topic light, no need to mention that you want three kids within the next two years or that you’ve already picked out your wedding dress.

 Thou shalt not mention the ex

This is a given, surely! Keep the heartfelt feelings about your ex for when you’re with the girls, your date won’t want to hear it and you risk scaring him off.

Thou shalt not sweat the small stuff

 So what if you tripped up just as you came into his eyesight, or he went for the kiss, you went for the a hug and you ended up head butting him in the face. Don’t sweat it, move on and enjoy yourself. If the worst comes to worst it’ll make a funny story for your next girls night out.

Thou shalt enjoy the date!

Enjoy yourself! After all, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Happy dating!

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21st August 2013
Written by Very_Lauren

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[…] First dates are always nerve wracking, as the lovely girls on ITV2’s Girlfriends prove! Where should you go? What should you wear? And worst of  […]