Exclusive Interview: The Only Way Is Essex Stars Plan Filming In USA

The Only Way Is Essex reality TV star is about to go global! If you don’t watch it now you won’t be able to avoid it in a matter of months as I’m informed the show is filming in Las Vegas to make it easier for potential US networks to understand. The overall goal is to get TOWIE broadcast around the world. Shut up! Yes, it’s true! Also, Lauren Goodger (pictured above with Bobby Cole Norris) may well be making a comeback. OMG!

The stars are currently preparing for their attack on the US market so very soon we the fake tans, the bodycon dresses and skinny jeans worn by the Essex characters will be immortalised on screen in America, challenging the traditions of how Americans normally imagine British people. Reem (as character Joey Essex would say). I caught up with two of the show’s stars in London at the Tatiana Hair Salon’s London Fashion Week hair show to see what they had to say about it. First up was Jasmin Walia, a series newcomer who looked absolutely gorgeous at the party in a pink dress and beige heels.

Jasmin revealed: ‘We start filming again at the end of September and I am so excited. This new series will have drama.’

Meanwhile Bobby Cole Norris said more. ‘I have to go to the US embassy to pick up my visa tomorrow,’ he revealed. ‘We’re all going to Vegas and I have never been before. It’s going to be crazy and you know me, I love a party. I also want to stock up on make-up and do some shopping!’ I love the fact Bobby openly admitted he used make up but then he is very creative with his fashion too:

I loved his blue suit jacket.

Watch out Las Vegas!

Love Zoex

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14th September 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin