Flawless Skin, This Seasons BIGGEST Make Up Trend!

This season regardless of where you’re going or what you are wearing your skin is going to be your best accessory. We’re not all blessed with a personal make up artist (we can dream can’t we?), but with the right products and some top tips people will think you have stepped off the runway in no time.

First things first, you can use all the make up in the world but unless your skin is at its healthiest you’re never going to achieve the look you want. We always recommend that you cleanse, tone and moisturise every day & night. The Very Beauty Team are currently obsessed with the Philips VisaPure Facial Cleansing Brush, it’s 10 times more effective than hand cleansing.  With new technology that will take your daily cleansing routine to the next level without extra effort. This deep gentle cleansing will help reveal soft and radiant skin, a step that easily fits into your normal regime.


Now you’re glowing from within you need to move onto a primer. Now regardless of your skin type there is a primer for you. Whether you want a matte, dewy or correction select apply a thin layer all over your face. Not only will this help make your complexion flawless it will help prolong your make up application. Now we move on to your foundation, with such a wide variety your sure to find a formula or finish to suit you. Whether it be powder, mousse , liquid, dewy or matte we recommendyou apply a small amount to the centre of you face and in circular motions blend out towards the edge of your face. Now how you apply your foundation is up to you but it’s always good to keep this in mind. If you have dry skin apply a liquid or mousse foundation and blend with your fingers, the oil from your fingers will help hydrate your skin. If you have oily skin apply foundation with a sponge as it will help absorb oil, and if you have normal combination a foundation brush would be best.

Now you have your base we move on to concealing, apply a small amount to any blemishes and or under your eyes. We particularly like using the NYX Concealer Sticks, not only are they easy to fit in your bag for touch ups on the go, they come in a range of different shades to suit your skin type and concern. Our faves are the green which works brilliantly on any red blemishes and the lavender which helps brighten tired eyes.


Setting your foundation application is a vital step of this trend and shouldn’t be forgot, taking a translucent powder buff a small amount all over your face this is going to create a flawless complexion, that will be long lasting.  The Daniel Sandler Invisble Blotting Powder is great for this, and its great for touch ups on the go if you’re really oily!

Next take the Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzer, and sweep on to your face in  a 3 shape, starting at the temple going under your cheekbone and then onto your jaw bone. This will create the most natural sunkissed look, but be careful not to apply to much product onto your brush. Take your favourite blusher and sweep on to the apples of your cheeks, followed by a sweep of highlighter to the top of your cheekbones; Illamasqua Gleam Aurora compliments most complexions giving you a magnificent radiant finish.

Finish off with a few layers of mascara and a sweep of lipgloss and you’re good to go! This season’s key trend in a few easy steps!

6th September 2013
Written by Very_Beauty_Team