Exclusive Interview: TOWIE TV Stars Talk Essex Glamour

Chloe Sims and Frankie Essex are two of the most recognizable stars on The Only Way Is Essex. Chloe’s been in the show since series 2 while Frankie joined in series 4 so they’ve had their fair share of tans, tears, eyelashes and high glamour to pop out to the supermarket!

When I met the ladies at the launch of new Sky TV and Freeview channel The Store, I had to find out about their style secrets, Essex style. This is what they said:

QS: How long does it take you to get ready?

CHLOE: It depends what I’m about to do. For filming I would need two hours to get ready. But if I’m just popping out to take Madison to school then I’ll literally walk straight out the door after brushing my teeth and scraping my hair back. So it really depends. If I’m going on a really girly night out I like taking my time – get the girls round, have a little drink, pick a dress. I hate being in a rush to get out the door and then not feeling confident.

QS: Who takes longest to get ready – you girls or Joey Essex [Who is Frankie’s brother]

FRANKIE: I think we all take the same! When Joey was living with me and dad, he used to steal my hairdryer all the time. It used to drive me mad as obviously I needed to use it to.

QS: Essex is famous for it’s fake tans – do you really wear a lot or is it just for the cameras?

CHLOE: “Tan is who I am. Something I always say is, ‘Would you rather me really wrinkly, because I could sunbathe, or a younger looking wife?’ And at the end of the day, the tan looks better.”


QS: Do you have any style role models?

FRANKIE: When I was younger it was Jennifer Aniston. I just loved that hair! Now I like Abbey Clancey. I love her hair colour and her hair look. And I think she just looks great all the time, I don’t know how she does it. I also like Mariah Carey for glamour!’

QS: Is there anything you wished you hadn’t worn?

CHLOE: I’m generally happy but sometimes you look at yourself on camera and cringe. I did think in Vegas, Lauren Pope and I were walking through the casino and I was flashing a lot of sideboob but sometimes you have to dress up for filming and make it more dramatic.’

Both Frankie and Chloe were a lot more down to earth than I expected. They seem to be normal girls, who have regrets and role models just like us all and maybe Chloe is right – fake tan is a lot better for us than getting wrinkly in the sun. These Essex girls aren’t as stupid as you think!

Love Zoex

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14th October 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin