Behind the scenes with Very at the Lightbox Studios

Here at Very we deal with a lot of pretty clothes, bags, shoes, scarves … I could go on! As well as designing the clothes, selling the clothes and of course buying the clothes ourselves (whoops) we also have to photograph everything – this is where the Lightbox studios come in.

Lightbox is the very impressive series of studios where all of the beautiful things that you shop on Very are photographed and videoed  – and I must admit, it is super impressive. From the moment you walk through the door you are in fashion heaven. There are fashionably clad women everywhere, rails upon rails of clothes and if you’re lucky you might even catch a male model on an underwear shoot.

Being a geek when it comes to all things fashion I couldn’t help heading over to nose around the studio and I thought I would give you a glimpse behind the scenes while I was there! Oh, did I mention it’s the biggest fashion studio in Europe? That is a lot of clothes girls, a lot!

Make up artist (MUA) Debbie Lezemore does model Ambra’s hair and make up.

Model Ambra has flown in from Paris to come and shoot for Very: “I love working here – everyone is so nice! And it’s so good that you all have me over from Paris.” Chatting to the models later in the day it turns out they have the same struggles that we do, when I asked beautiful model Emilia what clothes were her least favourite to model she replied “Jeans, they are so hard to make look nice and get them to fit properly! Don’t you find them hard too?” Why yes I do Emilia, and now I feel a lot better about it!

I was in shoe heaven!

Make up artist Lou Box does Model Sophie hair and makeup.

Gorgeous model Sophie is from Austria but currently based in London, after months of hard work she was flying off to Australia the day after the shoot for a 6 week break – returning just in time to enjoy an Austrian Christmas. Jealous? Me? Never …

Mac, Illamasqua, Smashbox … all the big names were there!

Talented stylist Gemma Harrison ( preps the looks!

Elanor Marechal has the tough job of editing all the videos!

All in all Europe’s biggest fashion studio was as glamorous as I had imagined, but much more laid back! With bowls of sweets rapidly dissapearing, Beyonce blasting out from the iPad and clothes being pinned and tucked everywhere it was a little fashion haven I’ll be sure to visit again. If only to steal some more make up tips!

Love Roanna X

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27th November 2013
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Mark 27 November 2013

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