(Faux) Furrrtastic Coats!

They’re back!
Love them or hate them, the fur coat has returned once again to grace our season…and why not?! Dressed up or down these coats make a statement piece and can take you from casual to glamorous in an instant. We have many styles including the Myleene Klass Leopard Faux Fur Coat, the understated Vila Lukki fur coat and the all out (and admittedly my favourite) Diesel Printed Faux Fur Coat – it just looks so snug!

On trend and stylish they will keep you warm from the harsh winter breeze…

Just a dashing of fur you say? Fear not, if you’re not ready to dive in to full faux fur coats we have the Definitions Lux Military Parka, the Love Label Dolly Fur Coat and the Superdry Eskimo cape to name a few…so whether you’re going all out faux fur or just for a peppering of the fluffy stuff have a look at what we have to offer.

Which are you?

Kate x

5th November 2013
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Marlon 17 May 2014

Hey, I’m OK with 53 views, since the year isn’t quite over yet Very nicely freamd picture, and well captured. You can tell how happy she is to finally have found THE coat!I’m curious, do you crop your pictures in-camera, or afterwards? I used to alway fill the frame in-camera (thanks to the old film days) but now remind myself to leave a little room for cropping depending on who or what I photograph.