Meet The Dogs And Celebs At The Battersea Dogs Home Gala Ball

It’s not every day that celebrities get upstaged but at the Battersea Dogs Home annual ball, the stars of the show were the animals. They got more attention from the crowds as they walked the red carpet than the celebrities and they even showed an early talent for pouting (and kissing in the case of the Linekers’ dogs) to the cameras. Paul O’Grady and Amanda Holden (above) had dogs that were so well behaved.

I am a huge dog fan so the event was so much fun for me. I took my own four and a half month old chihuahua puppy – Zizzi – and dressed her in a tutu for the occasion. I was so proud!

Zizzi really stood out at the party (in a good way I think) because the other doggy stars from the Battersea kennels wore blue capes. The celebs borrowed dogs from the home to take down the red carpet and I’m sure they must have fallen a little bit in love with them. I certainly did. I mean, just look at how Danielle and Gary Lineker’s dogs are kissing. Danielle’s party dress is super pretty but she could have worn a black bag and nobody would have cared because everyone was drawn to the pooches.

Amanda Holden looked lovely in a black party dress. And she must have picked a black dog to match the outfit – awwww!

Britain’s Got Talent winners Ashleigh and Pudsey didn’t have one of the blue capes either. To be honest, Pudsey wouldn’t stand for it I’d imagine. He’s such a clever dog. Ashleigh still can’t get over how much her life has changed since winning the show and admitted she was ‘absolutely loving every moment.’ Bless! We normally saw her in jeans on the TV talent show so it was lovely to see her in a dress for once. She looked fabulous!

David Gandy may be one of the hottest male models ever and it seems like his looks had an effect on his dog, who was super well behaved. The dog almost fell asleep in David’s arms, being the envy of women around the world!

And finally, Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood may be a bit mean on the BBC dance show but he showed he does have a soft side at the Battersea Dogs party. Bless! Maybe Strictly contestant Abbey Clancy should bring a puppy to the show and bribe him with it next week? 10 out of 10 for cuteness.

My pup Zizzi enjoyed playing with the Linekers’ dogs and Amanda Holden told me she wanted to borrow her to show her family. Maybe another time!

I hope there’s another event celebrities take their dogs to soon because Zizzi’s getting used to the celebrity lifestyle now…she’s going to be a bit jealous when I next go out as she’s seen how much fun the celeb parties can be. And just how much people (and dogs) dress up. I just can’t work out what dog (aside from Zizzi) was the cutest?

Love Zoex

13th November 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin