Meet YouTube star: Jim Chapman

You guys know by now that I love YouTube, right?  I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve logged on to watch one video and 5 hrs later……We’re all been there, yes?

Well you can imagine how happy I am that following on from our videos with the lovely Tanya Burr and Pixiwoo sisters, we now have another YouTube star to add into the mix on the Very channel – and this time, get ready for it…it’s a boy!

Jim Chapman is one of the UK’s biggest online stars, and in less than 3 years has had over 38 million views on his YouTube channel.  So we thought who better to put on our Very HQ Christmas List this year?  I am certainly very, very excited!

I have to admit that Jim is one of the people I should be blaming for my lost evenings on YouTube – his quirky videos on everything from dating advice, and kissing tutorials (you have to see it to believe it!) through to his love of Spiderman, gadgets and Vampires have had me strangely hooked for months.  One of the things I probably like about him the most, is that behind his good looks (Girls – he really is very, very handsome!), he’s a self-confessed geek – completely obsessed with gadgets (don’t get him started on cameras..) and Spiderman – he’s the epitome of geek chic!

So, with such eclectic taste, who better to raid the Very Christmas sack than Jim!

Check out and subscribe to the Very YouTube channel to see more of Jim and to find out about the special prize that he’s going to be giving to one of you….Happy Xmas!!

29th November 2013
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Dessie 4 April 2014

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